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yeah cable skiing

So today I was extremely hung over. Felt like the biggest bag of shit. Dick went out and bought everyone powerades and then we went ove to Steves room, which isn't attached to the house because thats where Andy was sleeping because Dom took his bed. We walked in and it was so funny, Andy looks up and says 'Who the hell is that chick?' and they said its Dom and he was like 'What the fuck is she doing here?' I felt a little bad but it was pretty funny. Then we went to the back and sat outside with everyone and Sis was there, she looked at Andy and said 'Andy, you look disgusting'. Then she looked at me and said 'Melissa, you look disgusting'. It was pretty funny..but I so did. Then all the boys came over and decided we were going to this place called Ski and Skurf which is up at the coast in a town called Bli Bli.

chez dangles in one of many attempts to land a backflip
I drove in the car with Wes and Louie and everyone else went in the Roodub.

It took over an hour to get there, it was pretty far away. Its a really wierd thing, I've never heard of cable skiing before. They have this man made lake type thing and theres big poles around it with cables attached to them all and then theres ropes with handles going all the way around and you hold on to the rope and it pulls you around the water and theres jumps and shit too. Its pretty cool though. It is expensive too, it costs $40 for a 4 hour pass but you can go around as many times as you want. I didn't buy the 4 hour pass because I didn't think it'd be worth it. Me, Macca and Tommy sat and watched Wes, Louie, Dick, Andy and Matt go for a bit. It was really funny, Wes is really good because he does it all the time, but Dick face planted right away his first time and Matt didn't ever stay up for long.

dick and andy went on the kneeboard together
Eventually me and Tommy decided to see if we could buy an hour, the guy let us and it cost $20. I was pretty nervous as I've never done this before but the boys helped me out and I actually stood up! For like 5 seconds before eating shit...haha. Then everyone stopped and decided to get a feed so I only went the one time, probably a waste of $20 but oh well.

We sat inside watching some cricket, then watched everyone else go around and made fun of them. There was this one irritating fat kid who kept just going around in circles and he thought he was soo good and everytime he'd pass the people watching he would stare at everyone...but he wasn't going off jumps..he was lame. Wes kept trying to land back flips, he tried soo many times all day but did not land a single one. It was fun to watch though. Then Andy and Dick decided to go on the kneeboard together which I knew would be fun to watch. They rented helmets and attempted to go on jumps, which was obviously not going to work lol but it was soo funny. They went around quite a few times and then these 2 chicks(that actually turned out to be dudes) tried to do the same thing and they got all the way around but they weren't doing anything cool, they sucked. And they actually looked like girls!! We thought they were until they walked past us. Once when the went past us on the kneeboard Macca yelled out 'Yeah girls!'...they didn't like that too much. It was a sweet day though, I had fun just watching and laughing at them. Oh and we brought an esky full of beer. Good times.

On the way back it was the same seats, we stopped at the servo that has a maccas and kfc and foodstore and whatever. We had some dinna and then were on our way back. Wes dropped Louie off and then we went back to the farm. The rest of the boys went to the video store to get a movie...Freddy Got Fingered. What a stupid movie! I actually feel dumber after watching it. But it did have some really funny parts. But I'd say that was a pretty good day, I had fun.

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yeah cable skiing
yeah cable skiing
chez dangles in one of many attemp…
chez dangles in one of many attem…
dick and andy went on the kneeboar…
dick and andy went on the kneeboa…
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