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I woke up today and felt like shit. Had a bad headache and just was not in good shape but went outside at like 10am and they handed me a beer and we started drinking again. Me, Dick, Matt, Macca, Andy and Tommy went out to Brodies for...breakfast? Well we had burgers but whatever. They all paid for mine because they said I was a starving backpacker that couldn't afford to eat, so that was nice. Dick showed me the Dick burger haha, apparently he comes in there so much he created his own burger and orders it so much they lady working there made a button for it. 3 patties of meat with a riblet and bbq sauce. Everyone got the Dick burger except me and Andy, but Brodies was really good anyway. After Brodies we went back to the farm and I had a nap for a bit to try and feel better.

Richard woke me up at like 1 and said we were going to the Sunshine Coast. I went with Wes, Richard, Andy, and Tommy in Wes's car and in Macca's car was Hamish, Matt and Dodd and the Tim and Maddy in a seperate car. We drove for about an hour and a half, stopping like every 20 minutes so Tommy could take a piss. Tiny bladder he has...lol. Wes's car is pretty nice too, and the guys were throwing bottles at signs. Don't know why but it was hilarious. We got to Maroochydore and the surrounding cities and it was really rainy. We stopped first at a camp site but I don't know why because it was raining and we had no camping gear. Tommy paid $30 for a campsite without talking to anyone...what a waste of money lol. We decided to get a hotel room, which proved to be harder than we thought. Everywhere was full. When I gave the backpackers a ring to book for 11 people he laughed at me. So after driving for a while Tim finally found a place for us. It was gunna cost $50 each and it was a 3 bedroom apartment type thing in a hotel. We gave Tim our money and when he went back in they had sold the room to someone else because they didn't think we were coming back! Jerks. After that we pretty much gave up looking, it was like 5:00 and we just decided to go back.

We drove back in the same cars and stopped at a food court on the way and got some dinner. It was really funny for some reason, these guys are hilarious I always laugh so much when I hang out with them. Its awesome. Me, Tom and Richard went back to the farm and everyone else went to Tims. I went to bed because I was not feeling well at all. Richard, Tom and Wes were gunna go to the Valley but ended up just getting drunk at Tims. I saw the videos of what they did that night and it was hilarious. They lit Hamish's hair on fire. Wes videod it with his phone. Looked so funny.

lovely_lori88 says:
lol this guy sure sounds like a winner! :p
Posted on: Mar 20, 2008
melissak says:
haha yeah...that was just the first time though, theyve done it multiple times after that, last saturday i tried to get a picture but it didn't work out, but it did catch on fire and hamish tried to put it out by dumping his rum on it..didnt work so well.
Posted on: Mar 19, 2008
lovely_lori88 says:
omg i can't believe they lit hamish's hair on fire?!? although that is probably better if he is one of the ones that don't wash it...lol
Posted on: Mar 19, 2008
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photo by: theonionlady