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I am SO tired..working full time takes a lot out of you. I just finished my first full work week on Friday and I got paid! woo money. Between last Friday and Wednesday I did over 45 hours. I like the job though, its pretty intense but I love the fact that its only Monday to Friday and only day shifts. The owners are great too and all the customers are really nice and I think im sort of getting the hang of it now. I LOVE living in Melbourne too, its such a great city..much better than Sydney in my opinion. Thursday night I went with some people from my old hostel to see Indiana Jones at the Jam Factory theater on Chapel street..loved the movie!! SO good:)

So anywho yesterday I met Belinda infront of her office and we walked over to the Parliament House to check out the 2am Locked out protest..well there was noone there lol so I went home and she met a friend in the city for dinner. All day I was so excited to get home, order pizza and eat ice cream and watch Sex and the City seasons. So I bought my ice cream(not the kind I really wanted but oh and some coke and went home. Then searched for AGES in all the phonebooks for the Dominos number, phoned a few of them not knowing what one was closest to me, but it turns out noone delivers to Hawthorn so that died. Then I decided to make fries, but after heating up the oven I found another delivery menu so I took my fries out of the oven and looked at the menu. The only pizza I wanted was $9 and min delivery order was $15..and I already had pop so I didn't need to buy that so it wasn't worth it to buy the pizza. Then I called just to see how long it would take and it was over an hour so I just made the fries. Then I overcooked the fries and they tasted like crap. But the Sex and the City was good.

Today I watched some more Sex and the City and did laundry and yay relaxing! Craig is coming over later and we're gunna watch Steven Seagal movies and have chicken parmesan because i've never had it. I love weekends! Tomorrow I'm gunna go shopping with my newfound wealth. OH and I found out Luc Bourdon of the Vancouver Canucks was killed in a car accident..SO sad..:(

lovely_lori88 says:
haha Melissa you make me laugh so much
Posted on: Jun 15, 2008
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