Meeting our Fraser Island crew and the drama and shopping begins.

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our room in hervey bay

We got to Hervey Bay at like 10am I think..maybe 9. Koalas hostel picked us up and brought us to the hostel where we checked in and met our new roomies, Erika and Pam who were from Canada as well. They were soo nice! Two of the nicest people I have ever met. We all had showers and naps and then went to have some lunch and meet some of Erika and Pams friends from before. We decided to all walk up to some crazy shark show. The guys said it was only 20 minutes away. Liars!! We walked for 25ish minutes and then they said we were halfway there. So we were like eff that we don't wanna be late for our Fraser Island meeting. We turned around and walked back and went to the bar at our hostel to go to meet our group.

erika and one of our shopping carts. goood times...
There were a few people there, not that many but more kept coming. There weren't very many we were interested to see who would be in what group.

Turned out our group had one guy. Fantastic, that meant the rest of us were gunna have to do the guy jobs! Booo haha. And the one guy would turn out to be more of a girl than the rest of us...didn't even volunteer to drive to the ferry when the rest of us had never driven on the wrong side of the road, but Erika volunteered. Then we had to organize the meat we wanted and all the grocery shopping we had to do and how much we were gunna spend. We went to the grocery store(that had really expensive groceries!!) and bought some stuff. This is where the drama begins! A couple girls didn't help at all and didn't even come to the store! And this other girl wanted all this fancy expensive food..and wanted us to all pay for it! Eff that. Then her and her boyfriend(the girly guy)..bought a bunch of food for themselves..Nice.

Afterwards we went back to our room and had a pretty early night because the next day we had to get up super early. Fun times.

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our room in hervey bay
our room in hervey bay
erika and one of our shopping cart…
erika and one of our shopping car…
Hervey Bay
photo by: Mezmerized