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I was going up with Mel, Jay, Tony and Mia in the morning to Rainbow because all the boys had to work so they weren't leaving til late Thursday night. I wasn't sure what time we were leaving so I was up and packed and ready to go at like 9:30. Dick was there too because he had the day off and Nat came around earlier as well because he was supposed to have knee surgery but it got cancelled so he was able to come up. Then Macca came too because he got sick so he didn't have to work. We all sat around for a bit and then got a call saying that Mel was coming to get me at 11. Well 11:30 rolled around and she got to the farm and we quickly left and got Jay. Then we drove over to Mia's house to get her and Tony. They were a mismatched couple I think. Maybe its just me though.

.oh well. We all squished into Mel's rav and were on our way. Until we got the the bottleo at Caboolture and got our booze, I got a carton of extra dry, a bottle of vodka and 12 bacardi breezers. Then we went and had lunch at KFC. Then we were on our way. Me and Mia and Tony played a bit of wheel of fortune in the back seat. The techno was pumping the whole way there as well, it was sweet. We stopped one more time for a pee break and got to Rainbow at 3:00 maybe? Picked up the keys then went to our house.

My first impression of the house was just to laugh. It looked like it wasn't well looked after at all, but upon further inspection it was sweet. The deck was huuuge, there were 4 bedrooms and a pullout couch/bed.

2 bathrooms and a big kitchen/dining/living room area. There was an awesome view of the ocean as well. And it was only $90 for a week. Each though, but still. We had been drinking the whole way there and just cracked into some more alcohol when we got there. Tony and Mia went to get a pizza and some other things and when they got back we started playing Ring of Fire. It was sweet. Except that me and Jay had to skull the final cup that was a mixture of Bundy rums, Bacardi breezers and 4X Gold beer. But it wasn't actually as bad as it sounds lol.

We just hung out there for quite a while, spun around on the spinny chairs, went on the deck for a bit, chatted, took photos. There was a guy across the street that we saw and waved him over, so he came and had some beers with us.

The boys rocked up at about 10:30? Maybe. They were all trashed out of their face. I was as well and I don't remember a ton of what happened after they got there. I know it got really rowdy really quick. They all set up their rooms, which turned out to be one ses pit of a room, all 9 of them slept in one little room! They're crazy. At one point a slingshot got whipped out and Hamish told Jay to shoot him in the face, so he did and it was not good. He hit him in the eye and it swelled up and did not look nice. Overall it was a sweet night though from what I remember. I had the top bunk in one of the rooms and Kate and Nat brought an air mattress they put underneath it because the boys took the mattress for their 'love room' as they called it.

lovely_lori88 says:
omg sounds soo awesome!
Posted on: Mar 27, 2008
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