Demolishing a car and a birthday party.

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me, hannah and kayla

Today was a wierd Saturday. Almost everyone had to work during the day so when I got up it was just Dick and Mel outside instead of the usual 7 or 8 boys. I sat outside and talked to them for a while. Then they left for a bit to go get something from the IGA and came back and took some seats out of an old car thats been sitting at the farm for a while that the boys take parts out of sometimes. Dick took the 2 front seats out and the were going to screw them into the back of the Roodub so they could all fit in it for the trip up to Rainbow next weekend. Later some more people came over..they just kept piling to the farm as usual. Everyone went down to the old car and was looking at it for some reason and then decided it would be a good idea to start smashing it.

me and jess
I can't remember exactly how it started though but it was soo funny. They had a shovel and a hammer and a baseball bat and just started hitting the car. Then one of the windows shattered and it just was downhill from there, even Mel had a turn and she almost did the most damage! It was actually one of the funniest things ever though, I was laughing soo hard.

Later some of us were hungry so we went down to KFC for some food. I went with Andy, Dick, Tommy and Steven Lewis. They started putting chips in the gravy spoon and flicking it around the restaurant and then it escalated to behind the counter and then to actually hitting the chick working, it was soo funny. I kinda felt bad but it was hilarious. When one actually hit her we all fanged. Good lunch.

i wanted to get a picture of them lighting hamish's hair on fire, so they tim tried to get one for me but it would quite work, it did go up in flames but my camera was not handy for that one.

Tonight was Gilley's birthday party that everyone was going to. We all started at the farm as usual and stayed there till maybe 8-8:30 and then everyone rocked up at the party. Its always funny when we all get there because theres so many people. There was me, Madi, Tim, Dick, Andy, Conway, Hamish, Louie, Macca, Dodd, Tommy..maybe thats it? 11 people at least. Oh Trent and Jess too. 13. We got there and there was actually quite a few people there it was sweet. I saw all the girls and talked to them for a bit. EVERYONE calls me Canada, I actually introduce myself as Canada by accident sometimes. But everyone there was really nice, I met a ton of people. It felt like my first day at the farm because SO many people were asking me questions about Canada and the US and asking me to say words so they could hear my accent.

me andy and dodd. sambuca buddies. we split a bottle of black sambuca and it was friggen all over my shirt the next day.
It was awesome.

We stayed there for a bit and then we all left at like..2? 1:30? I have no idea. But as we were leaving someone kicked over an esky by accident and some guy flipped and there was almost a fight and then we all got on the street and there were almost more fights. It was pretty funny, but coulda gotten ugly. We all left though and started walking home. Then everyone got split up somehow and we were walking down a street in Albany Creek and Madi and Tim had to get home fast because they had a flight to catch to Perth in the morning. We saw a taxi coming and they wanted to hail it so Andy ran in the middle of the street trying to get this cab, it was soo funny. Tim, Madi and Dick got in the cab and the rest of us walked. They said the cab was doing trips but we never saw it again.

As we were walking...I think it was me, Tommy, Conway, Andy, Dodd, and Wes? Maybe. But anyway, Conway and Tommy picked up Andy and put him in a shopping cart and pushed him into a curb and he flew into a bush and as this was happening the coppers pulled up and got out of the car. Andy was walking away but they yelled for him to come back, saying 'We don't want to have to chase you'..and they gave us a lecture on being drunk in public. He took down Andy's name and drivers license info and said he could give us all fines. Conway and Tommy said they would take the blame because they picked him up and the put him in the cart and they pushed him but the cop wouldn't hear it. Andy said 'they always pick on me because I'm the little guy' and the cop, who was shorter than Andy said 'I know how you feel man, come stand by me' It was soo funny, and everyone else was still acting like drunken idiots. They told us to walk straight home and someone said 'But we're really drunk and hungry can't we go get Macca's?' He was really pushing our luck but the cops said fine go there then go home. Like that would happen.

We got up to Macca's and there were a bunch of people from the party there, including some of the ones that were fighting with us. And some of the girls were there too. We all ordered our food from the walk thru and the guy working there asked me how I got mixed up with all these boys. One of the other guys I didn't know said 'Don't you feel out of place with all these boys' I was like nah I'm used to it by now lol. Then someone else asked me where all my friends went and I pointed at the boys and he was like what about those girls and I was like nah, I'm not with them. It was pretty funny...he was kind of shocked. Andy and Tommy started walking one direction and me, Conway, Dom and this guy Sam towards the farm. Then Dodd started wrestling some guy, just for fun but then it turned bad when he spat on Dodd and we went back there and there was almost another fight in the maccas parking lot. Andy phoned and said to go to the Night Owl because he was gunna buy a liter of milk, skull it, then spew. We were like sweet lets go watch. But then they never did it. Lame. We were way too tired to walk to the farm so we walked to Andy's house instead. There wasn't a ton of room and I slept on a tiny as couch, Tommy and Andy in the bed and Matt on the floor. Dom and Dodd were in another room. It was a sweet night though, we got home at 4am and the walk home was more eventful than the party.

lovely_lori88 says:
haha that is soo hilarious!! you live with crazy people!! i can't believe the cops were just like Ok go to maccas and then go home. SOOO funny!
Posted on: Mar 26, 2008
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me, hannah and kayla
me, hannah and kayla
me and jess
me and jess
i wanted to get a picture of them …
i wanted to get a picture of them…
me andy and dodd. sambuca buddies.…
me andy and dodd. sambuca buddies…
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