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So it is beyond me why everyone here wakes up so freakin early!!! The boys were running around the halls at like was soo early. They decided to go for a fish, so at 7 we drove up to the main strip of rainbow and got some pies and then went to the beach. It was soo early! lol. But the beach was like destroyed! There was hardly any beach at all, it was just an itty bitty strip of sand. The weather wasn't all that good either. But while they were fishing me and Kate went for a swim and the water was pretty good. They got bored of fishing pretty quick I think and then we went back to the house.

When we got back it was beer o'clock so everyone cracked open a rumbo. I felt like a pile of shit from last night so I didn't. We stayed there and sat on the deck for a while and talked and drank. Hamish's eye was getting really bad and he stayed in bed for a long time. In the avo we went to find the beach near our house which was down this path next to our house. We went there and as it turned out our beach was at the bottom of a giant sand dune! We sat at the top for a while and then decided to run down it, which was soo fun! It was hard to stop though lol.

We put down our shit and went swimming! It was awesome, we were jumping over waves and everyone was tackling everyone. Dodd decided it would be a good idea to jump on my back and try and ride some waves lol. Tommy is pretty rough, he tackled me and held me under water a few times lol. There was some rocks though...and we had to be careful of sharks;) lol. After we spent some time in the water we ran back up the hill. No joke that was the WORST idea ever. I wanted to die halfway up that hill it was sooo hard. Ugh that sucked soo bad. Everyone was done and I was still struggling up that stupid thing, my legs started shaking and i was soo thirsty too. Just thinking about it again right now sucks lol. Sitting down after we got back was the best.

When we got back to the house we drank some more and then got a feed down at the cafe. I thought it was pretty good but the boys all hated it, yet we still ate like breakie lunch and tea there. hmm. A few girls from back in Brissy were driving up to stay the night and they got there at 9ish. Theyre really nice, but really loud. I forgot how loud girls are! lol. But theyre cool..we decided to take an esky to the top of that sand dune and drink there for the night. It was pretty fun but I knew someone was gunna end up bailing down that hill. And it happened. It was Dom, all she had to drink was tequila so she drank a shitload in a very short time and rolled all the way down the hill. I was glad it wasn't one of my close friends because I was not about to run up that hill twice, let alone twice in one day!! It was really funny though. And Andy jumped on Tims back and they ran up the hill together. On our way back up Tommy tackled me onto the sand lol..i hate getting sand everywhere. We stayed there for a couple hours then walked back to the house.

I was still feeling like butt so I didnt stay up too late. But all the girls were sitting on my bed! So I had to kick them out and then they kept coming in and turning the light on! Everyone was also running up and down the halls being soo loud I thought Mel was gunna come out and kick some ass, but I guess she was really tired lol. Anywho, eventually I got to sleep, but a while later Andy and Conway were looking for a bed so they climbed up on my single top bunk! But I guess it was too thin of a mattress so they didn't stay long.

lovely_lori88 says:
haha love your blog!
Posted on: Apr 17, 2008
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Rainbow Beach
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