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So I don't feel like writing about easter in Rainbow right now so I'll just write about today. I went with Sis to Aspley Bowling and Kayla came too, I'll explain who Kayla is in a different entry. I met some super nice people, she is in a bowling league and goes every thursday. It was good, me and Kayla played a couple games and I suck lol. Shes 10 and she almost beat me and we played with bumbers. Was good fun though anyway.

After bowling we came home and soon after that Trudy(Sis's sister) and her family came(Les, Amy;12 and Michael;14). So now Kayla has a friend to play with. Also, another dog came. So now theres 5 dogs here! The usual Bud, Betty and Sid and now Molly and Lucky(Kayla's dog). Tomorrow Chrissy is bringing Twiggy which is the funniest looking dog I've ever seen. I took a picture its so wierd, I'll put it up soon. At about 1 I went with Gordo to do some work! My job for the day was counting all the piles of dirt. May sound easy but when they are giant piles that are spread out all haphazard like it becomes a bit of a challenge. I jumped between the dirt was good fun. But it was hoooot outside. I counted 458 dirt piles. Thats a lot. They say they will pay me! I said don't be silly after all they've done for me the least I can do is count some dirt..but they I'm curious to see how much I get! lol.

Now I'm waiting to go to a hockey game!!! Steve has a friend that plays at a rink in Brendale so hes taking me tonight! The games at 9..only 3 more hours wootwoot. Soo we went to the hockey game. It was soo funny! There was no glass on the boards..which is soo dangerous! But most of the players were canadian and europeans. The game was entertaining...soo highscoring though! Final score...15-8 which is so not a hockey score..but the goaltending was pretty But after the game we met Steves friend and went with him to some random parking lot and all the team went too and they just drank in the parking lot lol it was so strange. But I got to talk to some Canadians which was sweet. We got back to the farm at about midnight.

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