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We got a lift from the hostel to the transit center in the morning, which was sweet and got there 30 minutes before our bus left. We were all going to Brisbane and this would be our last time together, me and my new European friends. We got into Brisbane at about 10:30? Can't quite remember, but we went our seperate ways. Well, I went my seperate way. Richard told me to talk the Caboolture line to Strathpine which meant nothing to me so I asked some info people who pointed me in the right direction. Now it this entry will be rather sad as no pictures will be involved as my adapter broke and was unable to buy a new one for a few days. So anywho, I carried my shit and got on the right train and was on my way. The ride was like 30-40 minutes and when I got off Richard and Steve picked me up from the train station and took me back to the farm which was nice. They also carried my bags for me, which was a load off. We got to the farm at about noon and immediately they started drinking so I did as well lol. We chatted for a while and then Matt got home followed by a few more of the boys. Me, Hamish, Richard, Andy, Steveo, and Matt took a drive to buy and esky and go to the bottle shop. Hamish got the job of buying the esky and then we went to get the piss(as they say haha). They wrote me a list and I went to the bottle shop to buy it because none of them are 18 yet lol, but we had to go to a couple places because the 1st one didnt have a big enough sambuca bottle or any little bundaberg rums.

Afterwards we went back to the farm and started drinking again. There were a bunch more people there this time. Lets see if I can recall everyones names.         Matt, Richard, Steve, Steve, Hamish, Nat, Tim, Tommy, Andy, Dodd, Macca, Wes, Maddy, and Rob. I think thats everyone? Maybe. By 4:30-5:00 they were all there at the farm ready to drink. The man that owns the farm is Gordo, but everyone calls him Happy because hes so grumpy all the time, he was there for a bit getting mad at everyone for being too loud. There were no parties on that night so we ended up just staying at the farm the whole time. It was really funny, the guys are all hilarious. They were cutting eachothers hair again and fooling around. I went inside for a bit and was talking to Sis and Gordo and their friends when I heard some shit happening outside so I went and Rob was fighting everyone. I really don't know exactly what went on but it sure got everyone riled up and Gordo was not too impressed. But the boys gave him a shot of sambuca and he was okay again haha. It was a really fun night even though all we did was just sit around. Went to bed at like 1:30 maybe?  Can't quite remember...


I woke up today and felt like shit. Had a bad headache and just was not in good shape but went outside at like 10am and they handed me a beer and we started drinking again. Me, Dick, Matt, Macca, Andy and Tommy went out to Brodies for...breakfast? Well we had burgers but whatever. They all paid for mine because they said I was a starving backpacker that couldn't afford to eat, so that was nice. Dick showed me the Dick burger haha, apparently he comes in there so much he created his own burger and orders it so much they lady working there made a button for it. 3 patties of meat with a riblet and bbq sauce. Everyone got the Dick burger except me and Andy, but Brodies was really good anyway. After Brodies we went back to the farm and I had a nap for a bit to try and feel better. Richard woke me up at like 1 and said we were going to the Sunshine Coast. I went with Wes, Richard, Andy, Matt, Hamish, Macca,

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Albany Creek
photo by: melissak