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my dank 'quesadilla'


I pretty much did nothing all day as usual. But then the boys got off work and came here so we went and rented a movie. They decided on The Brothers Solomon, I had never heard of it but they rented it because there was a picture of a guy holding a diaper..We went back to the farm to watch it in Steves room because it has AC and he is in Vietnam right now. Buut the movie didn't work because the DVD player sucks. So they called up Dodd and told him we were gunna watch it at his house. Me, Macca, Matt, Dick, and Andy went over to Dodd's which is just up the road from the farm. He's got a sweet TV area with a big projection TV. And theres a signed picture of Wayne Gretzky on the wall! We put the movie in and it was actually really funny.

in the middle of the picture theres a koala, keith found it and showed it to me, it was in the yard
I mean, it was pretty lame but I thought it was funny. They told me to call my I did, it was like 2am at home but I figured she wouldn't mind...They all talked to her and she was pretty confused I think. They were talking with their crazy Aussie slang and she didn't understand them I don't think lol. But I thought it was hilarious. After the movie we all went back to the farm and everyone went home except for Dick and Sis had made up dinner plates for me, Dick and Matt! It was so nice, it felt like home! And it was delicious too. We just watched some TV for a bit then went to bed.


Today I decided to meet Amy, a girl from BC that I had met in Fiji, in the city because she was going to be here for a few days. Sis drove me to the train station and I was in the city by 11am.

some of the horses
It was pouring down rain though! Which was uncool. But we wandered around the city for a bit, had some lunch, caught up on what we'd been up to the past few weeks. It was nice talking to someone who didn't make fun of everything I said like the boys at the farm do! We went shopping for a bit after and I bought the cutest dress! I love it, I can't wait to wear it on Saturday! I caught a ride home at 4:00 with Mel and her friend Renee because they work in the city, so that was convenient. I got back at about 5ish and then went for dinner with Dick, Andy, Matt, Macca and Tommy at Montezumas, a mexican restaurant up the road. I ordered a quesadilla but that is noot what they gave me! Well, it was but it wasn't a quesadilla I was used to. It was decent, but everyone else hated their food.
horses again
Macca got sick right away, Matt's been sick for 3 days and Tommy was sick all Wednesday. I guess me, Andy and Dick have stronger stomachs..afterwards we just went back to the farm and watched some TV then went to bed.


Matt stayed home from work today because he was really sick. Dick didn't have work so he cleaned Matts room because its a pig sty. Or it was, now its pretty good. Trent came over later and we all went for lunch at a fish and chips place. Then Nova, the radio station drove up and was giving away free stuff! We all got So You Think You Can Dance sweatbands, lemonade and I got a bunch of free I tunes downloads. Pretty good score I'd say. Afterwards we just went back to the farm. I watched some TV, didn't do a lot of anything else.

the kitchen
But I did get a phonecall from a restaurant up the road called Jaspas and I had an interview on Thursday! Woohoo. At night Sis had a few friends over for a dinner party and I chatted to them for a while. They were all really nice people and on April 12th I'm bartending for Lynn's 50th birthday party! I'm actually pretty excited for that.


My job interview was today! At 3:30, but I didn't really do anything at all before that. Me and Matt watched the Ringer. Then some MTV and then Annapolis. I had to make my shirt not wrinkly so I asked sis if I could put it in the dryer but she said I should iron it but I'd never ironed anything before and they were shocked. They all laughed at me. I tried to iron it but did a terrible job so sis did it for me lol. I feel so incompatent. I had my interview at 3:30 and I think it went really well, I'm going in there on Monday from 12-2 for a trial, whatever that means:S...Wish me luck! lol. After the interview I just hung out with some of the boys, watched TV..didn't do much. We had a really good dinner sis made, stir fry..mmm. Matt went to bed at like 7 and I chatted to Macca for quite a while and then he left and I went to bed.

lovely_lori88 says:
whoo a job!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2008
linandvin says:
hahha that was pretty funny when you called me..
sounds like some fun times though, i really want to rent that movie the brothers solomon, purely for that one quote "what the fuck is that? that the fuck is... whatever it was"
i wish i was there tooo though! hope youre having a swell day
Posted on: Mar 03, 2008
travelteachr says:
Good luck on your trial...they just want to see how you will do and it you will work out in the position! Im sure you will do great, and they will love you and want you to come back!
Posted on: Feb 28, 2008
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my dank quesadilla
my dank 'quesadilla'
in the middle of the picture there…
in the middle of the picture ther…
some of the horses
some of the horses
horses again
horses again
the kitchen
the kitchen
the living room
the living room
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