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Didn't do a ton during the day as usual and at night the same problem they have every weekend came up again...where are we going to drink? Happy is getting pretty annoyed with all the boys(he loves me though haha) so they needed to find somewhere to go. Everyone came to the farm and then we were gunna go to this girl Doms house but then that got cancelled so we went to another girl, Haley,'s house. Some of the guys went ahead but nobody else really wanted to go there so we were gunna go to Wes's but then decided against it because that would be mean. So about half an hour after they left, we went to Haleys in a couple cars. Her house was huge! There was a big gate up front that we had to be let in to. When we got there there was a few people already there, a bunch of girls and a couple guys. But then all these guys showed up and it started getting loud. It was pretty fun though, I always laugh a lot whenever I hang out with them. I talked to the girls there for a bit too, they seemed alright. We all had to be out of there by midnight though, which wasn't too far away. Haleys mom came out and kicked us all out at 12 and there were a couple people not drinking so we drove home. That was pretty much it, typical friday night I guess.


Everyone was hung over as fuck today so I soon found out we would not be going to the Valley:(...I wanted to but noone else did! Well, Tommy did but I wasn't gunna go with just one person. So during the day we went to Wes's house for a while. Played on the trampoline, they went for a swim...were lazy all day pretty much. They did shave Wes's head though..only a number 4. After Wes's we drove back to the farm for a bit to decided where we were gunna drink and then decided it would be Dodd's house. We stayed at the farm for a while, till everyone else got there and then drove up to Dodds. He's got a nice house, lots of property. And the shed has a big bar, a pool table, big screen TV, a fridge, lots of couches. Its a pretty sweet place. Later a bunch of girls showed up and stayed for a bit then left. I drank way more than I should have. Don't remember much of the night...but I do know me and Andy spewed at the same time. Fuun stuff:). I think Dom drove us back to the farm. Pretty sure anyway. Its all a bit blurry. Good night though, I don't think I've drank that much since I got here.

lovely_lori88 says:
sounds like a good night!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2008
lovely_lori88 says:
omg i need to catch up desperatley on your blog!!! it makes me so sad that i can't read it all!!
Posted on: Mar 11, 2008
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