3rd day of the holiday.

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The girls all left so early I didn't even see them in the morning and I was up at like 7:30. But Dom stayed back for a little bit and she drove Kate and Nat home and they left at aboot 8. I layed down for a bit in my room and when I got up again there was noone there! I was like wtf. Then I went into the boys ses pit of a room and Dick and Macca were in there. I was like umm where did they go? They said they went to get a feed but they forgot me! Jerks. They came back a little while later. Mel and Jay went down before them and when she saw the boys there she asked them 'Where canadia was' and I guess they were like oh shit so Andy bought me a pastry lol.

We sat drinking in the house for a while before actually doing something. Then it was beach time. We all walked down to the sand dune again and this time Mel and Jay came and so did Louie and Hamish. And they brought this little radio they found in the house, which was sweet. We ran down the sand dune again and it was soo fun again but there was noo way I was running back up that thing. The boys played in the water for a while but I sat with Mel, Jay and Dick and played in the sand. After everyone came back we were about to leave but then someone threw sand and a sand war began. I hung back and just watched but it was soo funny. They formed makeshift teams and were just throwing tons of sand at eachother. A little crowd formed at the beach too lol. It was a riot, I was laughing soo hard. I took the stairs to get back to the house with Hamish, Louie and Macca. The rest of the boys beat us to the house but I didn't care at all.

When we got back everyone rinsed off the sand and we drove down to the Bowls Club where we were going to have lunch and get this giant seafood platter that everyone kept talking about. But when we walked in they asked for ID and not everyone was 18. But its stupid, apparently you needed to be 18 or be with a guardian to eat at the restaurant. But I guess it doesn't look so good when a group of 12 people, 10 of which are teenaged boys, walk in and are really loud. So Mel and Jay stayed but the rest of us went over to a different seafood place and had fish and chips. I thought it was good but they all didn't like it. Picky eaters.

Back at the house we chilled out for a while. The boys wrestled on the carpet which was really funny. They got Macca down on all fours and then 4 of them jumped on top of him. Pretty funny. We sat around there for a while and then me, Mel and Jay went down to the bowls club for dinner. They got the seafood platter, which was HUGE and I just had a pizza. It was yummy. Afterwards we went back up the house and drank some more, the boys bought some weed from the guy across the road so they got high. I just drank a bit. It was a pretty chill night. Then everyone went into the boys stinky room and sat. They turned the lights off and turned the strobe light on. Why did we have a strobe light? I have no idea. But it was insane! The ceiling fan was on and it was soo cool looking at it. You have to try it to understand. Tommy came in from watching the footy and it looked like the fan wasn't moving so he was about to touch it, but then he felt wind so he decided against it..too bad eh. It was a pretty early night too..but I had to sleep on the stupid fold out couch because Louie took my bed! Jerk..so when he was asleep I took his pillow and blanket. haha. But the pull out bed was covered in plastic which is the worst thing to sleep on!! You get stuck it it soo much. Grrr...

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Rainbow Beach
photo by: Marino