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I am a Travbuddy addict since 2007 and than you would think: 'Why tell about your job now?'. Well it goes as follows:

I started working at Endemol in October 2006. I was hired via an other company to join the IT support for a couple of weeks. The weeks became a month and the month became 3 months. During these months they asked me if I wanted to help during a migration of an old network to a new network and replace al the old pc's. I got a team of 3 people who helped me with this task. During the migration it wend so well that they offered me a fulltime job at Endemol ICT. First I had to think about that, because I lived in Vlaardingen and they wanted me to work in Aalsmeer.

My desk :-) We have new phones now with the Endemol logo
That's about 63.3 km and I had to drive over the A4. Well all the people not living in the Netherlands reading this
will think: 'What the hell is the A4?'

The A4 is an highway here. I drive from Vlaardingen, past Rotterdam, past Delft, past Den Haag, past Leiden to Aalsmeer. That's almost all
A4. The A4 goes from 2 lanes to 3 lanes, to 5 lanes, back to 3 lanes, back to 2 lanes and so on and so on. Peolple here in the Nethlands
drive like shit. Can't do the "rits" thing we have here.

That's why it was a hard choice, cause when I'm driving and some jerk cuts me off, I want to kill him... No that's a lie, I don't hurt people, thats wrong (hope he crashes his car and has no injuries only a broken car).

I think tv is evil, but I don't really know why....

Finaly I said yes to the job, contacted my employer and told him Endemol wanted to hire me fulltime. My employer was very understanding,
they made a deal with me and after 6 months I could work for Endemol. I worked there from April 2007 to March 2008. After that period I
quit my job. I was a little fed up with IT Support. "Hello IT Support, did you reboot your computer?" I went back to my old company, but
Endemol wasn't quite ready to let me go. There were some incidents that happend about the same time as I quited. The whole IT Support unit had quit there job. Not because of me, but there where some changes people didn't like. Endemol hired me in again to help set up a new IT Support, to share my knowledge of the IT infrastructure. Within 2 months there were new people on IT Support and the IT department had
a new migration. The main office in Hilversum would get a new network and new computers. I was asked to help with this migration to. After
a couple of weeks the ICT Manager asked me why I left. I told him I wanted to grow as a person and wanted to do more than help people over the phone with their computer related problems. The ICT manager told me there where some more projects in the future and that he watend to have some System Administrators. I could get some papers that would boost my function within the ICT department. I decide to take the offer.

Now I'm working as the senior IT Support guy. I coordinate the supportdesk. People have to listen to me when I tell them stuff. It's kinda
cool, but it isn't a job for me. I don't like to have a management job. Ordering people arround. I just want to fix stuff and build IT
related network stuff. Manage servers. That's what I want. The rol I am in now is only temperary until I get my diploma's. Doing the McsE
thing now (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) and learning SQL. Want to do a little bit of database stuff. We recently went from analog phones to IP Phones, that was cool to. Do a little management on the phoneserverting to. On the 1st of August I will have my fulltime contract with Endemol again. I'm glad I stayed, because I like the company a lot. The company is good for it's employees.


I think everybody will have seen one of Endemol's shows: Extreme Home Makeover, Big Brother, 1 vs 100, Deal or no Deal, for the dutch
people: Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, Onderweg naar Morgen, Peter R. de Vries (the Nathalie Holloway case, was world news), De grote
donorshow (big world news to). There a lot more shows, can't name them all.

I work in the tv studios in Aalsmeer, so I see a lot of famous dutch people and that is kinda fun.

[wikipedia]Endemol is a television production company based in the Netherlands, with subsidiaries and joint ventures in 23 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Poland, Portugal, Russia,
Netherlands, India, South Africa, Lebanon, Morocco, Philippines, Turkey and Australia among others.[/wikipedia]

Wikipedia article:

I hope that I will get a change in the future to visit some of the countries and see the Endemol branches. :-)

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Endemol Logo
Endemol Logo
My desk :-) We have new phones now…
My desk :-) We have new phones no…
I think tv is evil, but I dont re…
I think tv is evil, but I don't r…
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