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Finished apple pie.
This week a friend asked me if I wanted to join him to go order his new kitchen at the Ikea. I always like to go to the Ikea.

We wanted to go as early as possible, because it is weekend and everybody in the Netherlands go to the Ikea at a saturday. So we arrived at 10:00 in the morning. We went to the kitchen area strait away. My friend went to stand in line. When it was his turn we where set on a list and had to wait at a computer. Then the waiting started. It was now 10:30.

At the moment my friend didn't mind he had to wait, because he had to arange a little credit. The so called Ikea Card. He went to the computer where you can get a card and he started to fill in what was required. When he was finished het had to click on Next, but nothing happend. So he tried again and nothing happend.
My friend at the pay-desk.
That was great.... He went to get the pamflet and looked at it. In the pamflet it said: If you want the Ikea Card fill in the form at the computer OR call us. So he called them. The woman at the other side of the line told him that it wat not possible to arrange it by phone.... What is wrong with that picture? My friend told the woman that it said in the pamflet that you CAN do it by phone, finaly the woman agreed and asked: "What is the exect price of the kitchen?" My friend told her that he didn't know that yet so the woman said: "Call back if you know...".

Finaly a Ikea person came to us and started to help my friend. My friend gave the Ikea person the papers of his kitchen and told her that he had some changes.
The pictureframe
The woman started to type in some stuff in the computer and said: "So this is it?" No, said my friend and the woman replyed with "Oops..." She had send out the form........ Now she had to call someone that could change the form. When they where finished with that the woman said that my friend could call the people for the Ikea card now and that she was going to help some other people and that somebody els was going to come to help us in a little while..... It was now 12:00 o'clock. My friend called the people of the Ikea card and they would send the form to Ikea Business.

After an other half hour wait a very friendly girl came to help us. The only thing my friend needed was the top of his kitchen. The girl draw a sketch took the mesurments and made a bill.
My friend looking happy at the snackbar :-p
When she was finished she found it terrible that we had waited so long and she gave us both a lunchcard that was good for 8 euro. So we went to the restaurant and I had myself the swedisch meatballs with rice. My friend went for the apple pie. We started our lunch at 13:00 hours.

After our lunch we went to Ikea business. A lovely woman named Femke helped us there. She got the papers from the people of Ikea Card, but what was that? The number of my friends ID-card was wrong!!!! So Femke called them and they said. We have to make the forms again and then we are gonna send them to you in a couple of minutes. Fifteen minutes later we wondered where the forms are. Femke called those guys again. Like always she got another person and she had to do the story again. Femke know stayed at the phone until the forms where in. In a few minutes they wheren in. We where happy that we could go to the pay-desk and then go home.


Now his birthdate was wrong!!! Bloody dutch-phonedesk-people!!!! They had to make the forms AGAIN. It was now 14:15. Femke gave us some free cards for free coffee and she told us that she would call us when the form where in. Whe went to the restaurant again and got some coffee and apple pie.

After that we went to get our other stuff. The only thing I needed was a picture frame. It was 4 euro. After we got that stuff we went back to Femke and now finaly the correct forms where in. We took the forms with us to the pay-desk.

Now we where at the pay-desk. I payed for my 4 euro frame and now it was my friend his turn. The man behind the pay-desk said. "Sorry I have to call someone." A woman came and said:"Hmmm... great, new forms. I have to figure this out." In the meanwhile the man closed the pay-desk so they could both focus there attention on the new forms. Finaly they figured it out and my friend got his reciept. The woman gave us cards for free coffee.

The only thing we had to do was to arrange that the kitchen would be deliverd at my friend his house, that was done in a couple of minutes. Now it was time to get back to the car. It was now 15:30.... freaking 5 hours in the Ikea.

After this adventure we went back to Vlaardingen and went to a snackbar to eat fries and a frikandel.

The thing I've learned today is that I'm never ever again going with somebody to buy a kitchen at the Ikea. The other thing I've learned is that the service at the Ikea is great. We still got some cards for free coffee :-)
Jopin says:
Yikes, what an experience! I'm glad the biggest thing I bought at Ikea was a wardrobe! LOL! And I agree with your intro for this blog, that we should see more of our own country before venturing out. That's why I'm finally going to see Penang island. It's a UNESCO World Heritage city, which is perfect, as I love history! ;) Will add other states as and when I'm available to visit.
Posted on: Aug 29, 2008
FlyDolphin says:
Jeez... I am so sympathetic with you... as we just moved we have spent hours and hours and been there about 7 times now to get what we needed. Sent back and forth between departments and story changing depending which staff member we talked to... never ending story ;o)
Posted on: Mar 31, 2008
vosking says:
Wow, een goed begin van het jaar joh! Lekker slenteren door de Ikea!! Hahahahaha. Het is wel typisch nederlands aan het worden, een dagje Ikea. ;D
Wat volgt er nu, een middagje Alexandrium?
Hoop dat je meer gaat bekijken van nederland. Genoed te zien en te doen. Wel leuk geschreven.
Groetjes Charlotte.
Posted on: Jan 20, 2008
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Finished apple pie.
Finished apple pie.
My friend at the pay-desk.
My friend at the pay-desk.
The pictureframe
The pictureframe
My friend looking happy at the sna…
My friend looking happy at the sn…
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