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Mom chillin on the balcony

This was actually the first time I was in a plane, and the first mom/daughter vacation. It was my dad who sent us on this trip, to let us have some nice time together and get away from the cold winter for a while.

I've never been a fan of these charter trips, but it was good to get away. We stayd in Playa de las Americas for 14 days. Unfortunately I don't remember much from this trip, but I can remember a few things. Like one when we were out walking we met this man whit to Ara Parrots. He wanted to buy me from my mom, and give her the parrots in return. Man, am I glad my mom loves me... hahaha

At the Aquapark I met this guy who almost wouldn't leave me alone. He was bugging me, and I finally had to say that I had a husband back home. Which of course wasn't true, but what's a girl to do, huh?
Besides from that insident, we had a great time at the park.

It was a wonderful day, the sky was clear and we could just relax by or in the pool. My mom wasn't exactly up for the slides and stuff...  LOL...

One day we took the bus to the Capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz. The bus driver was, how should I put this nicely, a mad man. HAHAHA... he drove like most Spanish people tend to. Sorry to all the Spanish reading this... but I don't mean this in a bad way.. I actually thought it was funny. Allthough I think my mom was a bit nervous a couple of times.
We walked around the city for a while, got something to eat, bought some souvenires, shot a few pics and then hopped on the bus back to Playa de las Americas.

I wish I could remember more from this trip, and if I do, I'll update my blog.

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Mom chillin on the balcony
Mom chillin on the balcony
photo by: Natjie