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got woken up at 5am this morning by the hick next door. he was out calling his dog - who seems to have had the misfortune of being named after the sound you make when unexpectedly headbutted in the stomach..
also enamoured with his ability to hawk back spit with the sound of someone pulling their foot out of a bog, i lay awake for an hour marvelling at the concept of white trash, before dropping back into erratic dreams about massive keyholes in cliffs, and mysterious doings afoot.

in the supermarket later, things went Terribly, Horribly Wrong..

suddenly it was no longer amusing in a detached sort of way.. i could feel rage boiling in me like a crayfish, as i tried in vain to locate some branflakes and a loaf of bread NOT contaminated with sugar, malt or death in the local supermarket.
luminous confectionary towered overhead.. an army of e numbers charged towards me waving neon flags with enormous arses in garish popart stye.
i screamed.. no sound came out..
i fled through aisles of terrifyingly bad puns, each product vying for the glory of most irritating packaging ever, past the fridges of unnatural looking juices in their phallic, ribbed containers, narrowly escaped the clutches of the tubes of reconstituted Something, and sheltered, fearful behind an ice machine that also sold newspapers.

something out here has gone very badly wrong. you can see it in every enlarged derriere, every lunatic cackling child,,,
there must be some scientific reasoning behind providing only food that irradiates it's consumer, but it's wildly beyond my grasp.

yesterday we drove to albuquerque to pick up my grandparents.
after waiting at a motionless baggage claim for a little while, we approached the hassled looking man in the glass box and enquired as to the whereabouts of all their stuff.
after an uncomfortable debate, it transpired that the reason their stuff had not arrived, was because they had travelled on an aeroplane that didn't exist.
'no no, he insisted, there's no such thing as a United flight from washington to albuquerque.'
'not even the one we just arrived on?
'definately not'
tension grew teeth at this point, and the hassled man started looking nervous, as the screeches of luggageless travellers echoed around the terminal.

other news from yesterday - went to a nice noodle bar for lunch, and went to the toilet to discover it full of rice..

going to brew beer later.

webbeachboy says:
Posted on: Jan 24, 2008
webbeachboy says:
So....there ARE nice things there too :o)
[Noodle bars - can't do much to change that cocept I suppose...]



I wonder what it would be like to cycle from washington to albuquerque.......
Posted on: Jan 24, 2008
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