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Yep.  Clubbing in Tanger was crap, for me at least.  All I saw were places where dudes just chilled and girls paraded themselves in hopes of picking up some guy to pay them for sex.  The music was terrible.  Tanger could be a great place but the maintenance of that city leaves a lot to be desired.  One thing I have to give to them though: they are a incredibly honest people.  The nighttime party scene is different though.  I got ripped off a couple of times.  Either way.

So, on my last day in Tanger, Mustafa (Abdul's real name) took me to Assilla, a nice quiet town 40 km in some direction from Tanger.  We scampered into a "motamba mobile" to Assilla.  There were six of us in there.  I've taken so many taxis.  If I never ride one again, I'll be just fine.  As to be expected, Assilla suffered from a part of the African curse too.  It could be so much nicer but maintenance was seriously lacking.  And I tell you what people.  The discrepancy between rich and poor in this country is ridiculous, as in most African countries.  Mustafa was telling me how regular people only make about $150/month while some jackasses in some government post somewhere make upwards of $120,000/month.  Yes, that is USD.  Now imagine that a full tank of gas costs about $55.  And a beer (which comes in these tiny bottles half the size of the ones in the US) costs about $4.  Even given all this destitution, these are still a rahter cheerful and honest people.  We also went to Hercules Cave, where there is a rock formation that looks like the map of Morocco.  Since I don't know what the map of Morocco looks like, I'll take Mustafa's word for it.  At the end of the day, I gave Mustafa about $200, which made him a very happy man.  And not to mention that I'd already probably spent at least $100 buying him food, beer, taxis, etc.

Random Thought:  The police sometimes abuse their powers.  We were coming back from Assilla, when a couple of them stopped our taxi, got in and ordered the driver to take them someplace.  At least they were pleasant.  Completely unrelated to the police, but Mustafa and I were having a drink somewhere.  Some drunk pissant saw my camera bag and decided to be funny.  Don't explode the place, he says.  Don't worry, if I was going to blow myself up, I'd sit right next to you.  Five minutes later, and the wipe is still on it.  He gets on the phone and pretends to call the police.  "Yes, there is a Nigerian here from America that is trying to blow the place up.  Get here quick."  Douche.

In Tanger, I saw at least 5 palaces belonging to the king.  And the dude doesn't even stay there.  He's headquartered in Rabat, the capital of Morocco.  It wasn't any different in Casablanca.  Huge palaces with armed security guards and the palaces were virtually empty.  Why the hell do you need so many houses?  Hopefully, Africa will be saved one day.  Maybe then we'd have people in power that actually care about their citizens.  Supposedly, the new king is much better than his father.  In my opinion, that's relative.

I left Tanger by train to Casablanca the next morning at 8.  I got to Casablanca around 2 but my flight to Cairo wasn't until midnight.  What to do?  Luckily, as I exited the train station, I ran into some taxi dude that was willing to take me around Casablanca for 5 hours, for a fee of course.  When I was in Europe, people told me Tanger was much better than Casablanca, hence my choice of Tanger.  I wish I could see those muthas again so I could sucker punch them.  Casablanca was much better in my opinion.  Better planned and definitely nicer.  Essentially, we just drove around, took some pictures, and drank some beer and coffee.  He dropped me off at the airport around 7:30.  When I was going through the xray thingy, the thingy officer saw my passport.  Nigerian-American, huh?  Yep, you can read.  Present (in that French way of saying things)?  The man was essentially asking for a bribe.  Time to play stupid tourist.  "Present?  What is present?  Is that French? I don't speak French."  Just go, he said.

I'm done yapping now.  I'm in Cairo.  I'm staying at this dump of a hotel.  I'll try to fill y'all in before I leave for Ethiopia on the 23rd.  If I don't, then I'll holla from Addis.

Final Random Thought:  I've lost so much weight, y'all.  I usually gauge how well I'm doing by the notches on my watch.  I was on the 3rd one when I left Atlanta.  Now, I'm back to the 2nd one.  Mierda!!  And I communicated more in Spanish in Morocco than in English.  Most people I interacted with didn't know much English.
Whynow says:
Dawg, why you making up this elaborate lie? where did you find all these pictures? You should use this talent to write a screenplay or a novel. I just had lunch with this dude at golden corral in marietta. This fool aint been to no europe or africa...dont trust him.
Posted on: Feb 22, 2008
christianabolarinwa says:
Losing weight...wow... Deji be careful.
Posted on: Feb 19, 2008
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