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There's not really much to report from Prague.  The city was good, but there just weren't too many interesting adventures to talk about.  I did find out that the girls in Krakow were right.  Carlos is a perverted old man.  I was defending him in Krakow but now I know better.  That's a man I'd sooner not talk to again.

So, we (Andre, Carlos, myself) got to Prague around 7 a.m.  We checked into the Clown and Bard hostel and slept until 10 a.m.  Then myself, Andre and Zac, a closeted American homosexual with a fascinating penile fixation we met at the hostel, decided to check out the city.  We walked all the way to Charles Bridge.  Around that part of town, we were accosted by these women claiming to be collecting petitions for the homeless children of Prague.
  No problem.  We'll sign.  Then, they demanded we had to contribute money.  Alright, so I gave 100 kc (koruna).  No, one of them said.  It has to be a minimum of 200 kc.  Nope, give me back my money and I'll cancel my name off the petition.  No, she said.  Just give 200 kc.  At this time, I knew I'd been had.  So, I just pushed my way away from them, rescued the other guys, and off we went.

That same night, we wanted to go clubbing.  Zac said no, he'd rather take pictures of the city at night.  See you later dude.  About an hour later, we got to the metro to take the train downtown.  And what do you know?  There was Zac, taking pictures of trains.  Dude, you've been taking pictures of trains all this time?  Either way.
  So, we (except Zac, who was still taking pictures of trains) took the metro and continued to Vagon (a pub) where we had the fortune of meeting Luis, a Chilean that had been living in Prague for about 2 months.  He gave us some ganja and took us to some places we never could have found ourselves.  One of them was U Sudu, a seemingly innocuous bar looking in from the streets.  But then you get inside and start going down and there're more bars and people downstairs.  I believe it was about 3 floors deep.  Well, we didn't get back to the hostel until about 7 a.m.  Then I woke up around 10 a.m.  For the 3 days I was in Prague, I slept less than 12 hours combined.  I'm getting used to it now.

Random Thought:  You can possess and smoke ganja in Prague, but you can't buy or sell.
  That makes a lot of sense.

The next day, I did the typical thing.  Took a walk around the city and took pictures.  Then it was more clubbing that night.  We went to some touristic club that had 5 levels with different kinds of clubs.  We went to one of the floors and started dancing.  We had no idea it was somewhat of a gay night.  I was just chilling when some dude walked up to me.  Buy me a buy.  Nope.  Give me your beer.  Nope.  Give me a cigarette.  No problem.  Come over there.  Nope.  Come on, let's go over there.  Nope.  At this point, it became crystal clear to us, so I just ignored the guy.  There's a big problem when more guys hit on you than girls do.  We got home around 4 that morning and I woke around 9.

Another Random Thought:  All days are starting to become alike.  For the most part, I don't even know what day it is anymore.  All I know is what time it is.  My watch is still on EST time so I'm always adding 6 hours to find out the local time is.  And I'm suing the shit out of Timberland when I get back.  Their stupid "hiking" shoes are not made for the kind of walking I've been doing.  My big toes are starting to get blistered.

That morning, myself, Zac, Carlos and Biz (an Australian) took the early train to Kutna Hora, where the church "made of bones" is situated.  I was all excited.  Finally I was going to see something incredibly morbid.
  Imagine my disappointment when we got there and it was just an ossuary.  It was just a collection of bones made into something or another.  Wasted about 1 hour there and walked the 2.3 km to the town centre.  There were some other sights to see but they were pretty much all closed.  The town was cozy and I liked it.  We wasted another 2 hours there and then walked the 3.3 km back to the train station to catch the train back to Prague.  I am so used to walking now.

Yet another random thought:  I'm starting to get tired of being the odd one out.  In Kutna Hora, a group of teenage girls saw me and started to get too excited.  They started waving like crazy.  I waved back a couple of times and then just turned my back and ignored them.
  I'm tired of this shit.

On our last night in Prague, we decided to just go to bars instead.  7 straight days of clubbing, less the night we traveled from Krakow to Prague, can take its toll on you.  We went back to U Sudu where we met a bunch of American people.  They were amazed by the international group we had and just couldn't contain themselves.  There was me (Nigeria), Andre (Brazil), Thomas (Scotland), Hans (English), Biz (Australia), Carlos (Peru/Brazil), and Zac (America).  After a while, we got tired of U Sudu and went to some bar I can't remember the name of.  There we met these lovely Norwegian girls.  We tried our mack or something of that nature out on them but we didn't get very far.  Damn, at least we tried.  I slept 3 hours that night.

I'm in Budapest now.  Not sure how long I'm staying.  This portion of the trip is almost over.  I'm trying to get to Morocco by the 15th.  My flight to Egypt is at midnight on the 19th.  Africa should be a whole different kind of adventure.
narala says:
bushra, it's almost over. dos semanas mas y finito. i'm not really buying anything but i have this magic box that i think you'll have a great time with.
Posted on: Feb 19, 2008
bushraz80 says:
hey deji.....we are all enjoying your blog a lot....even maaz was reading it last night and he is loving the way planned this entire trip......we miss u so much here though! hey dont forget to bring me a cool international bday was on the 13th LOL valentine's gift is welcome too!!!! lol

but seriously, we miss u here.....been too long sure u r having a blast there and not missing ur neighborhood back here at all! by the way, the construction of "general family" has slowed u might make it to the grand opening day lol
Posted on: Feb 17, 2008
christianabolarinwa says:
yes, you are over due for pics. Hilarious post. Can't wait to read about North Africa, I am sure you are going to have a great time. you won't be the odd man out anymore.
Posted on: Feb 11, 2008
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