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So, I made it to neither Anne Frank's house nor clubbing yesterday.  I started out walking towards Anne Frank's or so I thought. I went the exact opposite way.  When I finally swallowed my pride and asked for directions, I was way off.  So, I thought screw it.  It's just a bloody house after all.  On my way back, I ran into a bum that asked me for 50 cents.  I brought out some change from my pocket and the jerk became really aggressive.  "Give them all to me," he said.  Nope.  I'm just giving you 50 cents.  I gave him the 50 cents and he blocked my way, asking for all the change.  Nope.  He heckled me for about a minute after which I told him to back off.  Then he started walking away and he called me a motherfucker.
  Excuse me, I said, you want to give me back my money?  "No no no, I'm sorry," he muttered and ran off.  Asshole.

As I was leaving the hotel earlier yestermorn, Jerry the barkeep saw my camera.  "Mind that camera," he said, "A lot of people will want to make love to it."  What??  These are some seriously perverted individuals.  The RLD isn't enough?  From the hotel, I went to Albert Cyp (pronounced 'caip' for all y'all foreigners) on the tram.  Bought a USB card for my laptop.  Then I lost my tram ticket.  No idea how.  I realised I lost it when I was already on the tram on the way back and the conductor was asking for my ticket.  I felt around like a dipschtick for a couple of minutes, then I told her I couldn't find it.
  "No problem," she says, "you can ride anyway."  Sweet!!

Random thought: There are sex shops and ganja paraphenelia all over this place.  I saw a sex shop that also had bike rentals.  Yep.  Right after I get off, the next thing I want to do is get on, on a bike that is.

I made it to the Hemp Museum.  It was rather interesting.  Did you know Henry Ford made a car that was partly fueled by hemp?  And there are a lot of children orphaned by "The War On Drugs?"  Well, neither did I.  Wow.  The things you learn in a museum.  Needless to say, I bolted out of that place rather quickly.

Last night, Lili (the Mexicana) and I decided to try out the ice bar.  A bar made completely out of ice.  Even the bloody tumblers were made of ice.
  So, I got me a Heineken in a ice glass.  Hmm.  Frosty.  It was a cool experience, no pun intended.  One of those things you do just to say you've done it.  Then we decided to enhance our perception of Amsterdam even more.  So, we did the most logical thing.  We blazed.  We must have looked like a couple of complete dolts.  We were walking up and down the "coffee" shop, looking at paintings on the wall and trying to guess who the people were.  We were pretty loud too.  We left the place after about an hour and started looking for clubs to go to.  No such luck.  Walked around for about 30 minutes, but to no avail.
  After a little while, Lili didn't feel so good anymore, so we called it a night.

Today, I did the tourist thing.  Got on a boat and took a cruise along the canal.  I got off at the zoo and City Hall.  Yeah, I saw some animals and even more alleys delineated by canals.

Another ramdom thought(s):  The weather hasn't been so great.  The temperature is ok, but it just keeps drizzling all day.  Makes it rather dreary.  And things are really expensive in this mutha.  A bottle of water is 2 Euros.  And one of my camera's lens is going for 979 Euros.  Damn.  And what's the deal with my laptop's wireless?  Finally found a hotspot, and the bloody thing is not working.  Crap.

Amsterdam has been cool but it's time to check out.  Next stop, Berlin.  Then Poland after that.

Blazed no more,
gannosd says:
Thanks for schooling me, asswipe. I did read a bit on WWII, though not sure how I missed that one. Keep the comments coming. They make a nice break from work.
Posted on: Jan 27, 2008
narala says:
geneti, yep u sound like an illiterate :) Anne Frank was a girl that kept a journal detailing her hiding out with others in a house during WWII
Posted on: Jan 26, 2008
narala says:
christiana, you're right. the ice bar was interesting but nowhere to sit.
Posted on: Jan 26, 2008
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