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I got to the hostel around 8 a.m yesterday.  I'm staying at Durty Nellies.  Not too shabby but definitely not for germophobes.  Bantered a little with Jerry, the keep.  And then there was Wayne.  How do I describe Wayne?  Wayne is a braggart English business man.  He was drinking beers at 8 a.m. in the morning.  Nuff said.  "Not my regular routine," he says.  Whatever makes you happy, dude.  He bought me about 4 stellas so, he's a good man in my books.  We bullshited for about 3 hours after which I just had to get my sleep.  Said my goodbyes and scrammed upstairs. 

Those steps are a pain in the ass.  You know those winding steps that give you a headache walking up them?  Yep, that's what Durty decided to install.

  Slept for about 5 hours, woke up fresh, and decided it was time to give Amsterdam a looksee.

Amsterdam has an interesting layout.  It seems to be a bunch of interconnected alleyways perpendicular to canals.  The architecture is pretty interesting too.  Pictures say a lot more than words.  So, I digress.

Of course, the first place I checked out is the RLD (Red Light District, for the uninitiated).  Walking around and minding my business, some dude muttered some gibberish to me.  I don't speak Dutch, said I.  "What language do you speak then?" he asked in English.  De de de.  Here's your sign.  What do ya think, I said, trying not be a smartass.  He laughed then, realising his folly.

  "So you want a Charlie," he asked.  No clue what a charlie is, I responded.  "Cocaine," came his answer.  Naw dawg, I don't dabble in that shit, I said.  "You likes doing the womens?"  Yes, I likes doing the womens.  "Well, coke will enhance the satisfaction."  Damn, so that's what I've been missing all this time.  I gave the man a chuckle and continued on my way.  Now, given my predisposition as a man with a built in GPS, I paid absolutely no mind to where I was going.  Needless to say, I got completely lost.  I walked about half a mile in a rectangle, though my hostel was only about 800 feet away.  It's all good.  I needed the exercise.

Now, a lot of y'all are probably curious about the RLD.  One word: overrated.  I walked up and down that road about ten times thinking, there's got to be more than this.  Unfortunately, nah.  Maybe it was the weather but there wasn't really much eye candy.  And honestly, most of those prostitutes leave a lot to be a desired.

Today, I'm going to "The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum".  Curious to know the origins of the ganj.  I'll probably be checking out Anne Frank's house too.  And there's this nice Mexicana that wants to go clubbing tonight.  Curious to see what Amsterdam's nightlife is like.

Keeping blazed,

narala says:
lo li, sometimes you just have to spoil yourself
Posted on: Jan 26, 2008
narala says:
hongtao, huh? all i see is a couple of square boxes
Posted on: Jan 26, 2008
narala says:
Jeff, no its not too cold. Yep, Jerrz is some heavyset middle aged dude. cant say if he worked for ibm tho
Posted on: Jan 26, 2008
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Just couldnt resist
Just couldn't resist
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