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My first day in Cairo was pretty uninteresting.  I spent most of the day sleeping.  I did venture out when I first got there and tried some Kushary.  That was some good stuff.  And only 3 pounds too (5.5 pounds = $1).  I met 3 American dudes at the restaurant.  They'd been in Cairo a while and are studying Arabic.  They spoke it very well too. That night, the owner of the hotel I was staying in, Pension Vienna, suggested I go on a cruise of the Nile.  That sounds good, I thought.  Man, what a bore that turned out to be.  It wasn't even a cruise.  The boat just went about 2 km upstream and downstream for two hours.  Yawn.  I did get to see an Arab midget though.

  I thought he was going to be something special.  Nah.  He was just your typical midget performer.

The next day, I went to the pyramids at Saqqara and Giza, and the Memphis museum.  Saqqara and Memphis were alright.  At Saqqara we were not supposed to take pictures inside the tombs but I did anyway.  Even the guides were encouraging me to take pictures for a price.  I took the pictures and when they turned their backs to address their groups, I bolted.  I'm through contributing to African corruption.  Giza was indeed a sight to behold.  I rode a camel up the hills of Giza and my ass literally ached.

giza, who ur daddy is?
  No more camels for me, I tell you what.  The experience at Giza was really diluted by the presence of touts though.  They hassled you at every step to buy their junk and they really distracted from the wonder that is Giza.  They were incredibly annoying.  A ploy some touts use to get you to give them money is this:  They have a camel or mule or whatever.  They see your camera and ask you to take a picture of them with their animals.  What's the harm?, you think.  Then it's, why don't you let me take a picture of you with the animal?  Sure, why not?  Then they literally force you onto the animal, take you for a ride, take pictures and then ask for money.  It's rather depressing given the rich history of the country that some of the current inhabitants have to resort to this sort of trickery to make money.
  I wanted to see the sound and light show at Giza, but I didn't get the chance.

The following day, I got on a bus for a 400 km ride to Bahri, a desert town.  From there, I took a 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser with 3 other visitors deep into the desert for about another 120 km.  I camped in the desert that night, y'all.  It was a pretty sweet experience.  Except for that damn sand.  I don't want to think about how many grams of sand I ate.  One of the people I went with was Jupiter, a musician from Memphis that used to play with some well known singers like Otis Redding, Ray Charles, etc.  He's now touring India and Europe.  Get this man high a little, and he just starts singing and dancing.  Rather funny watching him.  He told me about how in the late 60s, it wasn't really appreciated for white dudes to play in black bars.

  So, his band, which was black, would claim that he was an albino.  On the way back to Cairo, me and Nicola (another dude from the desert trip) were chatting with these Egyptian dudes.  They gave us snacks and everything.  I recited Surat Fatiah for them in Arabic and they were like wow.  I know, I know, I bloody rock.

Random Thought:  Typical conversation I had with an Egyptian: where you from?  Nigeria.  "Nigeria??  Egypt #1", in reference to the recently concluded African Cup of Nations.  KMA.  I was about to die because every madasacka, even policemen, asked me the same question.  I thought I was going to shoot the next person that asked me.

My final day in Egypt, I went to Alexandria.  Nice town but the attractions leave a lot to be desired.

  I went inside some catacomb and I didn't even see any bones.  Where are the bones, people?  I also saw a Roman theatre and the villa of the birds.  Heh.  I also went to the Citadel.  More heh.  It actually was a pretty cool buildings but I've seen so many buildings now, they've kinda lost their luster to me.

All in all Egypt was really good to me.  The Egyptians I met really like Nigerians, mostly because of football, me thinketh.  I almost missed my flight out of Cairo.  For some reason, I thought it was for midnight when it was actually for 22:00.  When I realised my mistake, it was already 20:45.  We hauled ass to the airport and I got there just in the nick of time.  I'm in Addis Ababa now.  I'll post my final entry and upload all the missing pictures when I get to Atlanta on Sunday (02/03/08).

cherians says:
really cool write up and pics...
spent a whole evening readin up on all ure traveling and saw the pics too... really awesome..!!
:) as u always say.. u rock ;)!
Posted on: Feb 28, 2008
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giza, who ur daddy is?
giza, who ur daddy is?
some good stuff.
some good stuff.
photo by: vulindlela