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Yep.  I am a born sucker.  I was walking around downtown Barcelona yesterday when I encountered some dudes playing a street game.  It involved a ball and three boxes.  The game master moves the ball around and you have to guess under which box it ended up.  So, I decided to give it a try with some peer pressure from the spectators.  How difficult could it be, right?  Wrong.  I lost 100 euros in the space of five minutes.  Man, I felt like an asswipe.  That experience kinda put a downer on my day.  Either way, I deserved it.  You live and learn.

So, last night I was supposed to go clubbing with some people from the hostel.  I put my head down to nap for about 2 hours but I didn't wake up until this morning.  I did wake up refreshed though.
A 3D drawing on the ground. Amazing!!!
  I needed that.  Today I did the typical touristic thing.  I got on a bus and took a ride around the city.  I swear those things are a bloody waste of money.  I'm avoiding them from now on, except when I absolutely have to.  Also, I finally broke down and bought some Starbucks today.  Not sure if the quality is worse than the U.S. or if I've just been drinking much better coffee all along, but that was piss in a cup.

Barcelona is a very nice city.  Very boisterous and lively.  It will be a great city to visit in the summer.   It's history and architecture may not be as vivid as some of the places I've been to, but hands down, I think it will be the best city to visit in the summer.  So, for all y'all trying to find a place to go to, this is your destination.

Random Thought:  I now realise my spanish is completely crap.  Sure these people speak a variation called Catalan but I can't understand what the hell they're saying.  I'll ask a question in Spanish and for some reason expect the answer in English.  Of course they respond in Catalan and then I just have to say "Gracias" so I don't look like a total dumbass.

I'm getting on the train to Algeciras tonight.  I need the sun.  I'll check in when I get to Tangier.
narala says:
thx, Chris. Unfortunately, internet is slow all over the place here. i may not be able to upload more pics until i get to da A. I'll try my best tho'.
Posted on: Feb 19, 2008
christianabolarinwa says:
nice pics!
Posted on: Feb 18, 2008
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A 3D drawing on the ground.  Amazi…
A 3D drawing on the ground. Amaz…
some random dude Jamming in the …
some random dude "Jamming" in the…
some protest
some protest
photo by: fivepointpalm