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Banteay Srey

Today ..i hv only one place in my's Banteay Srey!

Haha..i think i am not a really good traveller, because i didnot read any information about Banteay Srey..

I know only it's the tripical place that i should not miss..and the construction is completely than all of temple in Seim Reap.

Okey...let's move my ass and take a look by myself. I am free today let 's spend my daytime..and wait to hv fun tonight...haha..i plan to hv a alod of countdown NEW YEar i waste my time!..

Woaa...i think i am not quite interested with Banteay Srey..but the thing which much more interested for me on this day is the way along the trip from Siem Reap town to Banteay Sreay.

Biside Banteay Srey

I saw a school..the children , and life style of combodian....

The Children hv not food, no shoe, no bag, no snack. The school hv not canteen. I saw the children take a walk back to home to hv lunch.

Someone take a seat under the tammarine tree and eat only rice with sugar or salt or tammarine.....

Ya..i know it's very simple life, it's not diffence to Thailand, but i am sure its very less and less to find a very poor family in Thailand now...

When i see some thing like this, it alway make me a remind about how mum can survive when she was young. My mum, She told me that she was grow from a very very poor family..(It's almost 55 yrs ago) the upcountry of thailand.

Our family is very very poor, we hv no food, no rice. Eventhough it's time that my mum hv to go to the school.

She hv no cloth, no shoe..nothing. Most of the day, she hv only rice with sugar....and..she hv to take a walk without shoe almost 5 KM. she dont know the taste of egg or meat....

Woo..i think it's very hard me to get imagine about my mum life until i come here, Combodia.'s seem i am back to the past..and i can see what my mum hv been be when she was young.that's why i think i understand well about how they feel and how difficult life.

Ya..i  hv not more power, more money to help all of them..i know only how can i let they smile..only a mini smile from's really enough for me..... That's why i promiss to myself that i hv to come back to Cambodia again with some thing as toy, pen or some snack .

Woo...i do hope i will back to Cambodia .....nd my dream will come true in soon!!!

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Banteay Srey
Banteay Srey
Biside Banteay Srey
Biside Banteay Srey
Siem Reap
photo by: genetravelling