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Ta Som Temple @ Siem Reap

After my sis spent half day and last night with toilet ..she is get ready to explore Angkor wat  today!!

Today i plan to have a big circle tour..Big circle tour means: Ta Phom, Ban Teay Kdei, Sasong, Ta Som, Pare Rup, Pra Khan, Angkor Thom and see sunset at !!'s crazy trip!! 

Eventhough my sis said she is ready and get well for today..but let's see her face!! Believe!!?? haha..she is so strong than u think ..i ma sure.. hoho ...Here we go...

Haha.. because of my sis spent all night with toilet,therefore this morning she is soooo we decide to have a big meal in this morning as fish soup with rice (kmer Style), 2 Barggete, 2 orange juice, spring roll and ?? alot ..i guarantee!!


. i am so shy when i found that  OMG we order alot of dish for breakfast.. and because of we are the first customer..that's why the waiter standing by near and take a look at 2 gals ...and he mightbe think ..ufff...what's happen with this 2 gals..she went back from the war yesterday!! hrrr hrrr.... haha..eventhough  we are so shy but we cannot stop to eat and finish all of dish..moreover, we order 2 bargette for our lunch!! The waiter look at us with surprise again!! Wow..and asking where are u from??  ...uff...very dangerous gal coz they have a big stomach!! We are not reply..only laughing!! hr hr hr..bill please..'s so crazy that we spend 1 and half hour for stuff!!then we start our day at 8.

We have been tasted all list in plate..Yummy!! Kher Restuarant!!
30 A.M.

Every place as i list, is so interested, all of place are look similar as Kher Style..I cannot remember what is that, what is this..only High light is Ta Phom or Tasom have a big three with destroy the can detroy everything! So dont let be careless to nature!!

The thing that i never forget of this trip is the children.. u  will find the children selling the post card or whatever in many place..but they will not make u too much annoy. I think most of Cambodia Chidren that i found are very clever, they have marketing and negotiate skill..they will walk together with you, talk with u and then sell u the postcard.. Take a look at 2 cambodia gal (At my Pix) we have conversation as follow;

Combodia Gal: Hello Lady.

.Where are u from?? 

aioh: u know Thailand?

Cambidia Gal: Yes..Sawatdee ka!!

aioh: Wow...i am so surprise..

Cambodia Gal:  Lady..can u buy me some postcard?

aioh: I have already buy alot for friend now....

Cambodia Gal: Lady..u are not only send to Friend ..your boyfriend too..plss

aioh: umm sorry..we have not boyfriend to send for..

Cambodia Gal: Lady..i am sure, if u buy our postcard..u will have BF..

aioh: hrrr...why?? is it the magic postcard?

Cambodia Gal: If u buy our postcard, i will introduc u a Cabodian Guy..

aioh: hahaha..uFFFF..who teach there to talk like this!! all for my friend in Thailand too!! haha(kidding)


Another Gal at Sasong Lake..

A gal: Lady..i give u this flower..

aioh: tHank u gal..

A gal: So i give u a flower..can u give me your watch?!! pls..i hav not watch!! u see??

aioh:'s come!! (^__^)..better bring something as candy  to return  them!!hehe

I dont know who will enjoy or boring with all of children in Cambodia or not..but i am enjoy talking with them..Children as cleaning shirt,they will answer without fake..dont forget to bring something for them na!!..

My Big circle day is take a photo and photo..let's take alook my photo na!!


Pearl510 says:
Thank you so much for sharing! I really really love you're blog. And all of your pictures, they are so beautiful!!! Angkor is such a magical place ha!
Posted on: Dec 09, 2008
ratu says:
Yeah send me a couple...of boxes

No! I prefer being like this!
Posted on: May 14, 2008
aiohdmg says:
Doctor! Yeah Heah!!!
It's cool if i have doctor innear,i can get free tablet to reduce my crazYYY!!!!
Do u want the tablet one?? I can share u na!!!

Ho ho ho(^_____^)Yeah heah..
Posted on: May 14, 2008
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Ta Som Temple @ Siem Reap
Ta Som Temple @ Siem Reap
We have been tasted all list in pl…
We have been tasted all list in p…
Pare Rup
Pare Rup
Banteay Kdei
Banteay Kdei
Pare Rup
Pare Rup
Siem Reap
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