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Not sure how to label these. All are pics on the bus from Bogota-Medellin.

Hello all,

I woke up at about 8am today, and kept thinking about that long bus trip to Medellin.  I heard it was a eight hour bus with some great mountain scenery, and I decided to take a day bus.  I haven't really taken a bus in the daytime on this trip yet, and I usually do enjoy the good vistas from the bus window.  I did take a daytime boat trip, but there were no mountains there.  I also wanted to get into Medellin before nightfall.  I try not to take taxis, and it's so much easier to walk and take busses and such in the daytime.

I checked out of the hotel and grabbed a taxi to the bus station.  I like the bus system in Bogota, but didn't know exactly which one would get me to the station so I figured I could take the taxi price hit.

More Bogata-Medellin bus pics.
  I got to the station at 9:15am and found a bus that left at 9:45am for a decent price.  I waited for a while nervously as 9:45 passed by.  We still hadn't been let on the bus, so I asked a few employees what was going on, and they didn't have an answer I could understand or make sense of.  As 10am neared I got my money back from that company and got a ticket with another company for the same price.

The new company's bus pulled out at 10:02am, as the 9:45 bus still sat there.  I felt good about that decision, and this was a very nice bus.  Today is the day of the big 'Contra Terrorismo' demonstration around the country, and I was a bit worried about traffic being disrupted in Bogota.  We seemed to get out of the city alright, but as we reached the first town we did have to divert to go around the crowds.

More Bogata-Medellin bus pics. We were up really high for this one.
  I imagine that this probably added 30 minutes to the trip, but who really knows.

The bus started up along a mountain ridge to the west of Bogota, and then headed down towards the Rio Magdelena.  The trip was a beautiful one, with lots of ups and down through the mountains.  The change in the climate was very noticable in the lowlands, as the humidity and heat kicked up and the ineffectual air conditioning turned on.  We stopped for lunch at a special bus company cafeteria at about 2:30pm, and I fired up the GPS to check our progress.  It did not look good for arriving before nighttime.

It was fun following the elevation changes on the GPS.  We got up to 7,000 feet a few times before heading down the eastern rim mountains of Medellin into the city.

More Bogata-Medellin bus pics. A nice little small town church.
  Upon further investigation we were arriving at the northern bus station, the furthest one from the hotel's Poblado district.  I jumped out of the bus at 7:15pm, and it was dark.  I jumped into the internet spot to check my hotel directions, and was very happy to find an email from the hostel telling me that they didn't have a room available for the night.  Good thing I checked.

I plotted out my route to the Poblado district, and wrote down the location of a few possible hotels.  I logged off and made my way to the Medellin Metro stop.  The metro is a relatively new light rail system, and is the only one in Colombia.  I got a ticket for $0.73 and took a trip about 10km south to the Poblado stop.  I got out, gave the map one last check, and started walking.

More Bogata-Medellin bus pics. Rock formation in the middle of nowhere. I felt like photoshopping out the power lines and crap.
  The walk along Calle 10 was well lit and had a good amount of people walking around, so I felt safe enough to do the walk, even in the dark.

It was only about 12 blocks, so that didn't seem to far.  But it was all uphill, with my full backpack.  I couldn't find the first hotel listed, but the second one was very easy to locate.  They had a double room available, so it was a bit more money, but I haven't had too much luck finding rooms on this trip so I snapped it up.  The weather was great for sleeping, and the fan in my room was heavenly.  The only way that I can get internet wi-fi signal is to hang the laptop out the window, but I can always compute in the lobby.

I made a late night run for some barbequed chicken, which was delicious, and hit the sack.  Tomorrow is 'Explore Medellin Day'.

Later, Phil

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Not sure how to label these.  All …
Not sure how to label these. All…
More Bogata-Medellin bus pics.
More Bogata-Medellin bus pics.
More Bogata-Medellin bus pics.  We…
More Bogata-Medellin bus pics. W…
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photo by: caliphil007