Last morning in the Amazon.

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The AeroRepublica MD-80 that took me to Bogota.

Hello all,

I think the jungle really saps the energy out of me.  I have been very lethargic since I arrived in Tarapoto, Peru six days ago.  It's hard to muster up the ambition to leave my succesion of nice, cool rooms.  This morning was no exception.  I watched a few hours of american sitcoms with english subtitles, and the Shawshank Redemption in portugese.  I also played some Civilization IV on the laptop rather then leave the room.  I made it out just under the wire at noon, and went down the block to the internet spot.

At 1pm I grabbed a taxi and hauled my crap down to the airport.  Check in was assisted by the 'Elite' line that I qualify for until the end of February.  For some reason the security line didn't open up until one hour before the flight was scheduled to leave.

We actually were able to board the plane from the rear. That was a first for me.
  I was one of the first ones to grab a spot in line, and was soon into the air-con departure lounge.  The flight from Bogota arrived and I wasn't too happy to see an old school MD-80 plane carrying the AeroRepublica logo.

I was 10 minutes past scheduled departure time when everybody passed security, and boarding was called.  I was able to enter through the tail of the plane, which was a new one for me.  I took my coveted window seat only to realize that I was directly next to the right side engine.  It almost totally obscured my view, and I prepared to crank up the iPod to drown out engine noise.  I spent most of the 110 minute flight wondering how much it would hurt if the engine exploded one foot from my head.

A view of the Leticia airport from the tarmac.

The luggage took a while in Bogota, and I grabbed a taxi printout at the booth.  Bogota's taxi service has a system where you tell a woman at a booth where you are going, and you get a printout of your fare in advance.  Mine was listed as $9.15, and I didn't feel like paying that.  I walked a bit further out and started scanning the bus signs for Candelaria.  I asked a driver and found a bus that came pretty close (within 10 blocks), so I hopped on with all of my crap.  I paid my $0.62 fare, and started to follow along on the Lonely Planet map to be sure I didn't miss my area.  I still missed it, but the woman behind me had heard my question, and told me where to get off.

It was still about a 10 block walk to my preferred hotel, and I thanked myself for always packing as light as possible.  I went to four hotels that were either full, or not with the features I wanted before finally finding one that was pretty damn high.  I bargained them down to $42/night and was pretty happy with the deal.  After dropping everything off, I was able to grab my jacket (Yay!) and eat some more churrasco before heading to bed.

The temperature is about 55 degrees fahrenheit right now, and I am very happy.  Tomorrow is explore Bogota day!

Later, Phil

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The AeroRepublica MD-80 that took …
The AeroRepublica MD-80 that took…
We actually were able to board the…
We actually were able to board th…
A view of the Leticia airport from…
A view of the Leticia airport fro…
photo by: Bluetraveler