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Huge stork (or some other type of bird that starts with 'G'.)

Hello All,
Alarm clock worked...  Where are the Aleve?  I stumbled out of the room to get some water in the hotel's courtyard and met the taxi driver.  He had been commissioned to drive the four of us to the boat dock at 5:30am for our 6am boat the Santa Cruz.  The previous night's drinking had taken it's toll on three of us, and the good money was not on us all waking up in time.  The driver had apparently dealt with this situation before, and was knocking on doors to make sure everybody was awake.  One by one we all trickled out, and were headed towards the dock by 5:45am.

Javier & I were the first to leave.  We were on the same boat that took us to Isabela, and it is reportedly the fastest of the lot.  For your reference it was called the Neptune, and it has two 150hp V6 motors.

Sea Lions swimming around Isla Santa Fe. You have no idea hard it is to shoot zoomed pics from a boat.
  We said goodbye to Jeremy & Elizabeth, as they had a later boat, and were then headed for a seven day cruise of the islands.  The boat was packed, and the tide was the lowest I had ever seen it.  Shortly after departing we hit some rocks.  It was a pretty solid formation of underwater volcanic rock, and we needed another boat to tow us off of them.  It was a good start to the day.

The boat was fast, but the journey seemed a bit slower going in the easterly direction.  Soon after leaving the harbor we encountered some monster swells.  They were probably a good ten metres from bottom to top, and they were coming at us from a 90 degree angle.  So it's very possible that we had to alter course a bit to avoid getting swamped.  Once further out to sea things calmed down a bit, and I even pulled out the iPod and got a little nap.

Our boat enters the Canal de la Amour.

Our tour guide met us at the dock, and Javier and I agreed we were not up for a morning tour.  We checked into the hotel for a nap and some air conditioning.  I amazingly couldn't sleep, so I cruised down to get my first internet in three days.  Lunch was delicious, and Javier and I met down at the dock for our afternoon snorkelling tour.  We were on a small boat with a couple from Vermont, and a young woman from Michoacán, Mexico.  As soon as we left and headed for Isla Santa Fe, I figured out I was likely on the same trip I took three days ago.

This tour was a bit different, and we visited a deserted beach out on a point.  There we saw a huge bird that I'm guessing was a stork.  I asked the guide, and he told me the local spanish name, but I can't remember what it was (It started with a 'G' I think).

This is pretty much what the low areas of Galapagos looks like.
  We also returned to Las Grietas, which gave me the chance for a few more climb & jumps from the cliff wall.  I also got some good video of a few local boys doing the jump from way up high.

After returning from the trip I ran back to the hotel, took a quick shower, and headed out.  I was looking for a bar that could show the NFC Championship Game.  That's right, Futbal Americano in the Galapagos.  For those non-americans out there, this is one of two games that determines who plays in the Super Bowl two weeks from now.  My home state team was involved, the Green Bay Packers, and I was determined not to miss it.

The first place I tried was The Rock named after Isla Baltra, and the WWII American Air Base there.

This marine iguana was posing, so I had to take the picture. (Even though there are SO many marine iguanas here.)
  They found the game in one minute, and I set up shop for three and a half hours of football.  I put on my Brett Favre #4 Packers jersey, and ordered a delicious meat platter.  It was a great game, although the Packers ended up losing in overtime.  There were various americans that were peeking in, or stopping to watch the game.  An expatriate from Indiana and her boyfriend were particularily friendly, and she stuck around for most of the game out of some long ago learned respect for a sunday football tradition.  I had a Havana Club rum and Coke, and made a secret wish that the Cuban embargo would end soon.  (Sorry about the politics folks.)

I hit the interent cafe for some blogging and picture uploading until they kicked me out at 10pm closing time.  Tomorrow is the flight to Quito.

Later, Phil

geja says:
I think the bird is called a Great Egret.
Posted on: Jul 01, 2009
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Huge stork (or some other type of …
Huge stork (or some other type of…
Sea Lions swimming around Isla San…
Sea Lions swimming around Isla Sa…
Our boat enters the Canal de la Am…
Our boat enters the Canal de la A…
This is pretty much what the low a…
This is pretty much what the low …
This marine iguana was posing, so …
This marine iguana was posing, so…
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