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That's about 100 US dollars. This is the largest commonly available note, the 10,000 Rials (about USD1.10). Some people call it "one Khomeini", but that's not very practical as other denominations also carry his portrait.

My two complete weeks in Iran cost me USD450 excluding international and domestic airfares.  Half of that was accommodation as I wasn’t exactly roughing it … I involuntarily had 3 nights in a 4-star establishment including breakfast! 


Domestic airfares are quite cheap at less than USD30 per flight.  So I had six of those!


Iran is very much a cash society despite having ATMs and credit cards now, foreign-issued cards are totally useless.  When cashing USD100 one gets 90 x IRR10,000 notes.  That’s quite a stack and once I didn’t bother counting it … terrible I know!  But fortunately they’re mostly machine-counted with the read-out facing the customer.  Close to the end of my trip I realised that IRR20,000 notes existed but are rare.


Petrol has gone up 25% since our last visit 2.5 years ago.  It is now a whopping USD0.10 per litre, subsidised by the government.  Very benevolent … also, no tax on salaries I was told.  


vances says:
Do you know what "rial" means. That is what the main currency in Oman is called.

Thank you for sharing this brilliant adventure!
Posted on: Aug 21, 2006
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Thats about 100 US dollars.  This…
That's about 100 US dollars. Thi…
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