Mak1ng L0ve in the Park; Man Eats Dog!

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View of Tehran from its northern suburbs, on my outing with my med student friend.

Let me tell you about my outing with the medical student I met on the flight to Iran … He took me out to one of the typical hill-parks in the north of Tehran, ie. teahouses dotted amongst green wooded parks which extend up into the barren slopes which will soon snow-bound. 


Naturally we drank tea, people-watched and chatted:


·         As we walked close to a pretty duck-pond, he said “This is where people come to make l0ve in the park”.  Before I could blush, I realised couples were only holding hands and gazing into each others eyes.

·         On the sight of the only dog I saw in Iran I said “Because you’re Muslim you won’t know that Dog is hot food” (refer Yin and Yang blog).  To my surprise, he told me that he had tried dog once!  I couldn’t resist asking if it was halal slaughtered!  Do two wrongs make a right?  ie. non-halal slaughter of a prohibited food.

·         However, he had never eaten pork (unclean like dogs in Islam) because there are no pigs in Iran.  I explained that pork is so-so but he must try bacon.

·         Inflation in Iran is very high and “interest” (sic) at the bank is around 20%.  Of course it isn’t really interest (prohibited in Islam) but dividend or profit-share.  Interestingly (no pun intended), I had learned from a traveller that interest is a no-no for Christians too (in Exodus and Deuteronomy).  Oh, how we have strayed!


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View of Tehran from its northern s…
View of Tehran from its northern …
photo by: macajam