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The Zoroastrian Towers of Silence where dead bodies used to be offered to vultures.

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Yazd is a desert town in the middle of the country and home to the largest community of Zoroastrians. Zoroastrianism is the religion of the Persians before Arab invasion and Islamisation.

The old-town is very picturesque with houses made from the local pale-yellow brick and plastered with straw and mud. Wind-towers (badgirs) poke out from these houses and serve as a convectional cooling system.

Sights include the Sacred Eternal Flame which has been burning for yonks, a cliff-top shrine where Zoroastrians worldwide visit every June, the Towers of Silence where dead bodies are left out to vultures to avoid polluting the earth and water (just like in Tibet).

Masjed Jame. The big mosque in Yazd.

In Yazd I stayed at the Silk Road Hotel (about EUR10 per night) overlooking the Masjed Jame mosque. It was heavenly at night ... a few of us would sit on the hotel's rooftop and gaze at the lit-up turquoise mosque against the velvet sky. I had a wonderful time chatting to many travelers:

  • There was an English woman who had a bad back and was looking to visiting the Cairo-practor in Cairo. She brushed up my Arabic and her son helped me with my Mandarin; both languages useless for my current trip.
  • Then there's the Hong Kong woman who has convinced everyone that Pakistan is wonderful ... agreed by all who have been but only when compared with India it seems.
  • Of course I sold Syria to everyone I met!


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The Zoroastrian Towers of Silence …
The Zoroastrian Towers of Silence…
Masjed Jame.  The big mosque in Ya…
Masjed Jame. The big mosque in Y…
Masjed Jame by night.
Masjed Jame by night.
The Silk Road Hotels atmosphere i…
The Silk Road Hotel's atmosphere …
View from Silk Road Hotel rooftop.
View from Silk Road Hotel rooftop.
photo by: macajam