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After my somewhat non-backpacky adventures in Asia, I came to Perth - didn't stay in the city though - went to a backpackers on the coast by the beach for 4 days (once again I can tell you that travelling with a big, heavy suitcase - not fun when your room is on second floor and there are no elevators). But beachlife on the Westcoast i could definently get used to!
Met a really nice German girl in my dorm, and we decided to go to a nearby (tiny) Island - can't remember the name now - there was a tiny little population living there, hardly any cars at all, everyone rented bicycles for the day - and off we went to find us a nice little beach spot somewhere!
Half way around the Island we stopped and went down to the beach, it was really warm and SUNNY that day, spent a lot of time in the water. When I was on my way out second time, the German girl was way ahead of me, all of a sudden I saw this gigantic black thing 'drifting' directly towards me, under water...... I froze and just stood there waiting for it to get closer, hoping it was just some seaweed drifting along the sandy floor - however - it got close enough and it started swimming around me, and I saw it's long tail sticking out from this big, black frizbee - or ocean UFO if you want - it was my first encounter ever with a ray / skate, and was quite scary!

But it didn't stop there!

After a swim I got stung by a jellyfish on my way back to shore - and it HURT like you would not believe!!! I've been stung before back home, but this was pain like no other, and the jellyfish themselves are invisible - not like the red one's I'm used to!

And if you think this is where the the dreadfullness stopped - you would be wrong!

Later that day - as the sun was going down I slowly started to realise that i hadn't been the proud user of much sunscreen at all! I was now the proud owner of lobester red skin instead - and it kept getting worse by the minute!
The next day i was due to leave for Melbourne in the IndianPacific Train - 3days of watching the world SLOWLY pass by outside. By the end of the first day i was feeling a bit sloggish, and had a headace - I went to rub my temples only to discover that instead of the slightly sunken feature they usually have, they were now bulging outwards, as was the skin half way down my forehead - let's just say it was not a pretty sight!!!!!
It all ended up with me having to go to the emergency room at Kalgoorlie Hospital, when we got there at 1 in the morning - they gave me a cream and some pills and shipped me off =)
In my defense I have to quite prowdly say that i was the 1st literally RED person they had ever seen!
Not to recommend though! I learned this much boys and girls - the sun in Australia and the sun in Europe - 2 quite different things - it's like heaven vs hell - stick your finger in and see which burns more!
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photo by: cimtech