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 On Christmas morning at 8:05 I boarded my first flight in a 24 hour traveling experience. I went to Prague by way of Philadelphia and Frankfurt, Germany. Then from Germany into Prague. I arrived in Prague at 1 pm on the 26th. Flying there I flew business class which was soooooo nice. I had a lay flat bed, full duvet and big feather pillow, along with a full service menu to choose form... I love Lufthansa airlines.... they are awesome....

So December 26th I arrive to Prague. It is a place I can hardly describe, It was one of the few European cities that did not get bombed in wwII and because of this the buidings are so old and so beautiful. Everywhere you go in Prague there is history and amazing architecture, Since Prague has switch to a democratic nation from communism, it has seena lot of changes some good, some bad. But amazing place non-the less. It was cold with the highest temperature we had hitting about 37 degrees and the low about 20. The first day we were there we went and visited Janas family in Karlestejn. There is a beuatiful castle that looks over the whole village...

While there we also went to Kostnica and Kunta Hora, which is the Bone Church.. Somewhere ages ago the catacombs were full so they hired an artisan to decorate the cathedral with the bones, it was kinda morbid, kinda cool, and definitely different.

But nothing could compare to New Year's Eve. I can hardly explain it. They say that Prague is the second most attended place outside of NYC for new year's. With alcohol allowed on the streets and fireworks legal, it was a sight that can hardly be described. I would have to guess but there had to be anywhere from 600-800thousand people there. The crowds stretched all the way from Prague castle, across Charles Bridge, through the town square and into the city center where the main festivities were. Almost nowhere could you walk freely and it was crowded that it wasn't even a path through the crowds, it was just a flow of people moving about. The next day the news said every hospital was full, countless fires, 5 dead, and hundreds injured this apparently is the standarn new years in Prague. The fireworks were amazing as the city di about 4 show around the city and with everyone else lighting fireworks the show at midnight lasted about 25 minutes and stretched as far as the eye could see left and right and forward and above, and sometimes below you. :) completely dumbfounding and something everyone should see. NYC has nothing on this....

It was an amazing trip. I am planning on returning in February so we'll see.
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photo by: furiousfowl