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Statue of a construction worker outside a government office of some sort.

I went for a meandering stroll through the nieghborhood around our hotel today, as waiting for 4:30pm to roll around can be insufferable.  I got a few pictures of some nearby landmarks, which I'll include here.  The fountain area was really quite pretty despite it becoming darkish again with wannabe rain clouds.

On my walkabout I stumbled across an artisan shop.  Not something that's typically safe for me, but as I walked through the store I didn't see anything that caught my attention.  So I left and my bank account breathed a sigh of relief, but just before I got to the door, I spied a stairway and thought I shouldn't leave until I'd seen it all.  So, I tudged upstairs.  As my luck woudl have it, they had nativities on display and as I've accidentally become a collector of such, I picked one out.

Yo no se. Or, in english, I don't know. It's just near our hotel and stands quite tall.
  I left the store satisfied my trip hadn't been in vain.

The plans was for me to be back at the hotel by 2pm as the AFC/NFC championship games were starting and the party was scheduled for my room.  I stopped at EXTRA and bought some chips and soda - because we all need that.  We had to leave for the center at the end of the 3rd quarter of the Chargers game.  So we were in suspense all evening waiting to get back and see what had happened and to watch the Packers.

During the programs the most exciting thing to happen was a fire next to our building which some were concerned could quickly get out of control given the winds.  I think some locals were burning some trash, which they're very experienced at, so I didn't think it would get out of control.  Whatever it was, it didn't get out of control.

We got back to the hotel, and thanks to my slingbox (a must-have for tv addicts who travel frequently) we watched the conclusion of the championships.  We were all depressed.

After everyone left I watched the season finale of the Amazing Race.  I LOVE that show.

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Statue of a construction worker ou…
Statue of a construction worker o…
Yo no se.  Or, in english, I dont…
Yo no se. Or, in english, I don'…
This little fountain stands in the…
This little fountain stands in th…
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