Day Three - Why were we here so early?!

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Convention center, Tuxtla Gutierrez.

Day three started off rather normal, though I did have more time for breakfast.  And I discovered that my shower does indeed have hot water - if you're a bit more patient than I was yesterday.  So, the Fiesta Inn gets great marks from me.

We went to the venue and spent the day rigging more gear.  We had a quick lunch at a restaurant onsite.  Ordering was interesting because there are three of us with about the same amount of meager Spanish ability.  So, when our meals came, I'm not sure that any of us got exactly why we thought we'd ordered.  Although, probably if everyone hadn't tried to change the menu, it would've been better.

As the afternoon went along we were caught with time on our hands and not much to do, so we decided to go bowling with our water bottles.

Straight down the center...
  Rolls of gaffers tape were our weapons and in the "live" room we're in, it all makes quite a racket when we get a "strike"

Returning to the hotel at 4:30, we were told dinner would be at 6pm and so we reassembled then.  We were taken to a seafood restaurant.  Not exactly what I would have expected, but then "when in Rome..."  The place was called The 5 Dolphins, or something like that.  We were served mushroom soup as a starter, and it was quite good.  Then the entree of some bland white fish with a sauce over it.  Had it been even warm, it would've tasted better.  But as it was cold, I didn't think it was all that exciting.  Dessert was a chocolate fudge cake with some sort of flan substance on top.  It was VERY good and fortunately they didn't give us huge slices.  They also served us fresh pico-de-gallo with chips and that was really good.  So, it wasn't all bad.

patirkc_AAA says:
They should just show the fish some Tuxtla sunlight and that thing'll be hot in no time...
Posted on: Dec 08, 2015
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Convention center, Tuxtla Gutierre…
Convention center, Tuxtla Gutierr…
Straight down the center...
Straight down the center...
Tuxtla Gutierrez
photo by: boicot