Day Nine - Town Square y Museo de la Marimba

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Museo de la Marimba

Today I decided to check out another section of Tuxtla.  So, I walked to the town square.  My actual goal was to visit the Museo de Marimba, Marimba Museum.  I don't know anything about Marimbas, really - and I'm not even really appreciative of them past 5 or 6 minutes.  But it was something to do.  After walking about 20 minutes, I arrived.

The Museum itself itself is actually quite modern and very clean.  And the stars of the show, kept at the heart of the museum are 16 different marimba's.  Surrounding them on the walls are dozens of pictures for the 1920's until present featuring stars of the world of Marimba.   If you want to know more than that, you'll have to speak Spanish.

Sun through palm fronds at town square
  As I had anticipated, every placard and sign were in Spanish.  Not speaking much Spanish, I made up my own details.  Hence, I can tell you I saw Charlie Chaplins coat, hat and umbrella on display along with a prop from an early Howdy Doody program.  Interestingly there was a floor marimba you could play by jumping from key to key - similar to one of those arcade dance games.  It sorta reminded me of the Tom Hanks movie "Big."

I left the museum and crossed the street to the town square.  It really is a nice space.  A myriad of greenery greets visitors from tropical flowers to gargantuan shade trees, to your standard palms.  Interspersed amongst it all are wrought iron benches featuring a crest of Chiapas.  And of course, in the center is the bandstand.  As it was midafternoon, it wasn't terribly crowded although there were a few people enjoying the shade for a casual conversation with amigos.  And a number of pigeons were taking a siesta in a large shade tree.

On the walk back to the hotel, I discovered something I've never seen before.  There was a small park-like space created specifically for Wi-Fi use.  There were power outlets between all the tables and there must've been at least a dozen people there on their laptops, surfing the internet.  It seems rather ingenious really.  These Wi-Fi parks must exist elsewhere, but this was the first I've seen.

patirkc_AAA says:
Damn, Tuxtla seems to be or have been modernized quite well... Wi-Fi parks?... never even seen one of those.
Posted on: Dec 08, 2015
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Museo de la Marimba
Museo de la Marimba
Sun through palm fronds at town sq…
Sun through palm fronds at town s…
View across the square
View across the square
Bandstand in town sqaure
Bandstand in town sqaure
These benches are frequently space…
These benches are frequently spac…
Chiapas crest feature in park benc…
Chiapas crest feature in park ben…
Tuxtla Gutierrez as a garden featu…
Tuxtla Gutierrez as a garden feat…
A flock of pigeons taking a siesta
A flock of pigeons taking a siesta
Tuxtla Gutierrez
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