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Going for a drive…from the lush, green and picturesque areas surrounding Rondebush over to the wide sandy beaches of Camps Bay.
One bar next to another, coffee shop lined up like pearls on a necklace. The engine is roaring once the sea is only an image in the mirror that is slowly fading away and the yellow Ford Cortina climbs up the steep mountains.
Another turn, another mountain we are moving slower and slower, the needle on the speedometer moving downwards like a candle slowly burning down. L97red-the fuel that’s running through the pipes of the engine providing the horsepower needed to move the whale and bring us closer to the other side. Here old Dutch farmhouses are sealed of with big whitewashed walls against unwanted visitors.
3 Main roads and 4 smaller once further, one can see the total opposite.

No fences but one rusty piece of corrugated iron lined up in a square. 4 make the skeleton of an unfinished shack.2 more make it a place called home for the woman with the turquoise coloured turban,her 4 children and her husband who is sitting on a rickety chair. Next to the entrance that is covered with a piece of fabric showing stains of exhaust fumes from all the traffic passing by is a Coca Cola sign.Coca Cola spelled with 3 C’s.
C as in Capitalism or as in cunt or just in corrosion.
Corrision like decay.Decay of the old pieces of metal that might have been roadsigns once and now serve as a shelter called home.
Out of our loudspeakers into our ears a song from Beck called “Ghettochip malfunction (hell yes)”- a hint to the pictures we have just seen?!

It strikes me how close abundance and hardship are coexisting.
Living a further 10 kilometres up or down,left or right of the road or just 6 blocks further, decides if people have a sticker on their cars bumper saying “Life is a bitch” ,don’t have a car at all or are not much worried when driving the polished fuel guzzlers with personalised number plates. .....................







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Cape Town
photo by: v10