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Aden from our hotel window. The mountains are part of the crater rim.

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This weekend, I was (together with a Brit) adopted by three Americans ... the five of us taxied down to the port city of Aden. Didn't like the Aden compared to Sanaa ... Sanaa's old city undoubtedly deserves its UNESCO World Heritage status.

Aden is a bit of a dump. The unusual thing about it is that a lot of it is built in the crater of a volcano. Some of the jagged edges you see in the picture are part of the crater rim.

Being a port city, entertainment exists in Aden .

Aaah! Nice cool dip.
.. unlike in Sanaa. We went to "The Sailor's Club" for drinks and dinner ... belly dancers, dancers on table tops, men literally sprinkling coins and small notes on to the dancers ... perhaps it isn't acceptable to tuck them into the dancers' costume here. Of course, at a place like this, daggers have to be left at the reception before entry is granted!

Swimming and seafood is good in Aden, so that's how we spent most of our time there.

To balance off the well-adapted people on our little jaunt, there had to be one who hadn't adapted at all. This US Navy guy takes Imodium (anti-diarrhoeal) whenever he does day trips (or overnights) away from Sanaa ... so he wouldn't have to use the local loos.

On this excursion that I had my first and only taste of qat ... the leaves that most Yemenis (including children) chew as a stimulant. It tasted awful at first but after a while you don't notice it. It didn't produce any pleasurable sensations for me ... won't waste my money on it again.


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Aden from our hotel window.  The m…
Aden from our hotel window. The …
Aaah!  Nice cool dip.
Aaah! Nice cool dip.
Aden in the evening.
Aden in the evening.
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