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Enjoying the day-to-day

It may sound strange but there's so much to absorb with the day-to-day. Even observing what happens in shops or on the streets.

Today, I walked into a bookshop. There was no one in it except a 10 year old behind the counter ... another 10 year old walks in with a stack of magazines for sale. They start talking; the one behind the counter whips out a calculator and does some numbers. Money and goods change hands. I take it the visitor was the wholesaler! Felt like a scene from a children's movie.

As you well know by now, many people wear the jambiyah (dagger) around town. I can't believe that people wear daggers into banks and jewellers though (but not the Sailor's Club). I can't wait to do my domestic flight here ... I wonder if daggers are allowed? You couldn't feel safer walking around town and dark alleys with so many armed people.

Malaysians Abroad

Walking around the streets here, I can spot other Malaysians a block away (and vice versa). They're all Malay and Muslim. There's something that's common amongst us even if we're ethnically different ... Malay, Chinese or Indian. There's no way they would think they're Indonesian and likewise they wouldn't think I'm China-nese (sic) or Singaporean Chinese.

Few years back, Kim and his parents and I were at the pyramids outside Cairo. I saw a group of youngish people and immediately said to Kim ... "That's our crew for the flight home tomorrow" ... and of course I was right.

You can take Malaysians out of Malaysia but you can't take the Malaysian out of a Malaysian.


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photo by: alexchan