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I woke up this morning sick to my stomach. I think it's probably the effects of my tremendous anxiety and lack of sleep. I tried to go eat some of the free breakfast they had for us, hoping it would help, but it didn't. I had plans with a girl named Sarah, how lives across the hall to take the bus (or coach, rather) to Enfield to buy converters for our computers. I desperately wanted to buy a converter since I hadn't been able to talk to anyone from home yet, so I went anyway. I ended up throwing up all morning, all over Enfield, and we didn't even end up finding a place to buy converters. First we got on the bus going the wrong way, then we got off because I had to throw up, and ended up doing so in the street, which I will never forget, and was absolutely horrible. We took more buses, walked around, etc, and we still couldn't find a place that could sell us converters. I did get to see some of the area though, in bits and pieces. EVERYTHING here is made out of brick, which keeps making me remember that this place is older than I can begin to comprehend. More than my Californian mind will allow me to understand. Anyway, it was terrible, and then I went home and went to sleep, and felt better. And then I figured out how to work my phone cards. And then someone bought me a converter. And now I feel much better. However, my radiator is still not fixed. A nice man came in to look at it and said I will probably have to wait until Monday. For the time being, he put a plastic bowl under it and taped a bent metal sign with sticky caution tape to it for the rain to collect in. Tomorrow I am going into the city, hopefully in good health, and I'm sure I will have a lot of stories. 
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photo by: Maureenie