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I didn't write about yesterday because I didn't do much. We did go out for my friend Janette's birthday to some snooty, expensive Chinese restaurant called Shanghi Blues. Neat atomsphere, good food, but the waiter was really rude. Then some of us tried to go home early instead of out to the oxygen bar with the birthday girl (doesn't interest me), we got stuck because some guy had a heart attack on the Picadilly line, so we had to take a different line to a train to a bus, and finally got back to Oakwood in time for the shuttle to go on one of it's infamous breaks. So I bought chocolate cookies. I'm becoming obsessed with them. After having to compromise my intergrity and rule out the possiblity of eating healthily in this country (no money and VERY limited resources), I've started eating horribly. I hope I won't be fat when I go home.

ANYWAY, about today-- Whether or not I could rope anyone into coming with me, I had promised myself that I would go see at least one thing at the London Film Festival since I was lucky enough to be around for it. Even though it was kind of expensive, it was the 50th anniversary, and I couldn't turn it down. After intensely procrastinating, I half-heartedly picked some Asian movie called, I Don't Want to Sleep Alone and bought a single ticket. I liked the title, so I thought maybe the movie would be good. So I went back to Southwark, which is where I went the first time I went out alone, into the National Film Theatre. I guess they show many different kinds of movies here year round, because this was not your ordinary movie theater. They had theatrical lighting on rich red curtains when I walked in and I almost thought maybe it was a actual theater theater. The whole experience was rather anti-climactic, as the house was only just over half full and devoid of enthusiasm. I think I might have been the only caucasian there besides the British film critics I was trying to evesdrop on. The movie was... different. Definitely unlike Anything I'd seen before. There was very little dialogue, and almost as little action. The actual that did exist was very purposefully meticulous. Another movie about screwy relationships and people reaching out for each other, but shown in a rather disturbing way.

I was going to go home afterwards because it was really cold, but as usual, was reluctant to spend that much money getting into the city just to see a movie and go home. So I started walking over the river thinking maybe I'd find somewhere to get food or something. I got excited about putting the pieces together of where I'd been before, and walked up to Trafalgar Square... then I was going to go home, but I wondered, "What's up this street?" and walked up Haymarket, ending up at Picadilly Circus. I thought maybe I should just get on the tube there, because I wanted to go home before it got dark (since it gets dark at freakin' 4:30 here...) but then I saw Christmas decorations and thought, "Hey, what's up this street?" So I walked up Regent Street with a bajillion other people, and wandered into stores looking at clothes I can't afford. I still need a real winter coat. I mean, wearing five or six shirts any my jacket has kind of been working out, but I think as it gets colder, I'm going to require a coat. Then I found Carnaby Street and the really neat little collection of stores that it comprises. Before I knew it, it was dark outside, and had been about 2 hours before I thought I was going to go home. For whatever reason, I thought that if I kept walking I would eventually find a tube stop, or something that looked familiar, but that was really dumb of me. So I had to retrace my steps back to Regent Street, but then, as I was trying to help someone get somewhere, got confused again, and ended up in Chinatown. At least I knew Chinatown is behind Leicester Square, so then I got to go home. That was exhausting, though.
aswold says:
An exhausting but quite memorable day!
Posted on: Nov 05, 2006
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