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After the morning scare (we spent the entire Shakespeare class on Macbeth... our tutor told us all these stories about people getting hurt, sick, and even killed while working on productions of "the Scottish play"...  and then we started doing scenes from the show... SCARY!), I got to finally go into the city with some British people! This guy John who's helping organize the musical revue I'm in right now gets cheap tickets to shows through the Arts Union at our school, and so I told him I wanted to come, and went out with about 10 English people to see the show. This was kind of a big deal because it was the first time going into the city without other Americans. They were all really, really nice, and seemed interested in talking to me, which I was grateful for, because they are mostly 3rd years and are all really close already, therefore assumedly less inclined to take me in. They seemed really easy-going and less malicious than a lot of the theater people at home. We saw David Mamet's Cryptogram (ANOTHER American playwright! what is wrong with me?!), and Kim Cattral from Sex and the City was in it... She seemed really full of herself, though, during the Q&A we got to stay for afterwards. Anyway, it was an interesting show... all about our inability to communicate with one another... it's not like that hasn't been done before though... just look at all the absurdist theater dudes... a lot of Mamet's plays have a very unique style that's trying to be realism, but can't be completely... Anyway, it was cool because it was only £5. And then we got ice cream afterwards even though it was cold. It's never a bad time to eat ice cream. And I had a really good time with them! Maybe now they will talk to me in class, haha...
kellz says:
i am glad you made british friends! i want some british friends cause they seem way cooler than americans, not that you arent cool....
Posted on: Nov 02, 2006
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