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More fireworks! I will never get tired of this.
Maybe these people don't know about how to do Halloween correctly, but they LOVE Guy Fawkes night. To explain to non-Brits, thanks to my handout the orientation people gave me, ahem, "Every year there are massive celebrations to commemorate the failure of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot. Catholic Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament and the King, James I, along with it. He was executed for treason, but he's remembered gby children the length and breadth of the country as they burn effigies of the infamous traitor on large bonfires, as fireworks are fired off into the night's sky." They also call it "Bonfire Night."

So, although the legendary day is November 5th, apparently it's legitimate to be excited about it all weekend.
There were so many people! They were so happy!
Since Thursday I've been hearing fireworks going off CONSTANTLY (I'm not exaggerating) different areas outside my room. On Friday I sat on my window ledge and tried to watch some that were going off over the lake, but the trees were kind of in the way. Tonight Janette and I went into sketchy Wood Green to Alexandra Palace (known to the locals as "Ally Pally") to see fireworks instead of just hearing them. There were SOOOOOOOO many people! Once we got to the top of the hill, the fireworks were just finishing. I was so excited though. I love fireworks. So much. Then we went to see what else was going on, and they had an ice skating rink and a "fun faire" inside the "palace." The fair was really a fair! They had a whole bunch of fair rides/game things INSIDE! Super neato. We walked around a little more, and pretty much left after that to go buy hot chocolate and get denied access to the tube because there were too many people. But it was a really neat experience just getting to see all the people gathering together... people bringing their kids, groups of friends laughing together,... definitely felt like something very traditional for people, that they really look forward to, and it doesn't even matter what they're celebrating... just the fact that it's an opportunity for people to enjoy each other's company. And see super cool fireworks.

idunno011 says:
Isn't Guy Fawkes's failed plan the basis for the V for Vendetta movie?
Posted on: Nov 05, 2006
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More fireworks! I will never get t…
More fireworks! I will never get …
There were so many people! They we…
There were so many people! They w…
This is the inside of the palace…
This is the inside of the "palace…
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