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I don't like that the top part is a different color, but I really like the bottom... Ha, I'm so dumb...
First day of classes at Middlesex.
I only had one class, "Shakespeare and His Contemporaries in Performance," for three hours. There are 17 people in my class, four of which are American girls (myself included). It's really neat taking Shakespeare with a British professor (or, "tutor"), and being so close to the new Globe, Stratford, etc. I felt like a tool for most of the class, though, because I don't have a British accent, and so it doesn't sound as good when I read because I don't have the dialect that the scripts were written for. He said he wanted us to read Midsummer and Macbeth outside on the lawn though, if weather permitted (open air, "as it was intended"), so I do have that to look forward to. I also learned, when discussing Mark Twain's "anti-autobiography" on Shakespeare, that not a single British student in my class knew who Mark Twain was, or had even heard of him before. Granted, he's an American author, I thought that we were supposed to be the ignorant ones who don't know anything about anyone else's culture but our own. Hmm.

It's going to be interesting for me to adjust to the British school system, because I hardly have any classes. I only have class on Monday and Friday. I'm only in three classes, and each of them only meets once a week. Apparently there is supposed to be a lot of outside work (reading, papers, etc) that are also required.

When I was bored after class I went down Snakes Lane to Oakwood to see what it had to offer. There are a few little shops (coffee places, etc) that I might think about getting a job at. There is a residential area behind the tube station that was really neat to walk around in. I walked by a store that had a bunch of wedding dresses in the window, and found a really, really beautiful one. I think if I ever felt like getting married, I might want to wear this......
londonstudent says:
Nor can I! Honestly, in England Mark Twain used to be part of the common currency of childhood.
Posted on: Nov 12, 2006
lisalush says:
I can't believe no-one knew Mark Twain!
Posted on: Oct 01, 2006
aysh says:
whoa your getting married already! Just kidding. I understand that the class must be weird, but hey you get to learn Shakespeare from the right people!
Posted on: Sep 27, 2006
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I dont like that the top part is …
I don't like that the top part is…
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