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Getting ready
I found a neat little theatre shop in the West End. It was pretty swell. Reminded me of all my musical theatre crazies back at home. There are more and more elaborate Christmas decorations in the street every day.

I went to see The Sleeping Beauty at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. I went alone again, because I didn't know if I could find anyone who cared about this kind of thing. It was beautiful. Beautiful. I was absolutely in love with the theatre itself. Four balconies, everything gilded, enormous, rich red curtains hiding the stage... it was what you imagine when you think of an old, glamorous theatre.
The theatre store I found. Very "fab," as they say.
My seats were really far away (the decent seats are very, very, very, very, very expensive), but I could still see everything. The ballet was also very beautiful. They were so, so, so good. I was completely in awe. As expected, I was crying within the first few seconds. The music was just as beautiful as the dancing. I wondered why people around me weren't getting bored, though, since it was THREE HOURS long... I was enjoying it because I was able to look at it from a dancer's point of view, but without any sort of realy story line, I don't know how they were entertained. Geez... ballet is so beautiful... I wish so, so badly I was good at it. It's bodily perfection, really. To be able to do what those people did is so intense. Oy. Afterwards I walked back to the tube station while I watched all the rich people get ushered into their expensive cars escourted by their drivers... I realize the array of the audience had been mostly composed by these rich people, and students wanting to see it to learn from it, like myself. I wonder why all these really rich people were at the ballet, though... Why would they be interested in something like that? It is because of tradition? Because ballet is so old, and the theatre here is so old, and it's thought of as very classy to go to the ballet? But is it really classy? And why? Do they even understand what's good about it? Weren't they bored? Are they only going because they know it costs a lot of money? People are so strange.
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Getting ready
Getting ready
The theatre store I found. Very f…
The theatre store I found. Very "…
A shot of the Royal Opera House th…
A shot of the Royal Opera House t…
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