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It was weird coming back to my dorm room and feeling happy to be "home"... I guess I must be adjusting well finally... I had class all day today after spending the week in Scotland (see new blog). I'm starting to like my directing class... I mean, I'm terrified of having to direct a scene, but I like the way we talk about theater practitioners and acting theory... I'm learning a lot from it, and I think I've really expanded my mind about a lot of things on the subject. In class today someone had a newspaper, and was talking about some of the stuff that's going on in the U.S., and in short, I got really upset and decided I should give up wanting to be a real actress and just go around the states with a handful of people doing plays in the street to make people more tolerant of one another. I realized that we do an awful lot of sitting around and talking about the way we are, but never doing anything positive to change it. We talk about these characters in these plays, and how they have all these problems, and I think on some level we're aware that those characters ARE us, but we still don't take the next step to think, "Oh, maybe I should do something about that." Such a strange breed, we are...

After classes I met with Aysha and her friend Amanda and we saw Notes from Underground by Eric Bogosian. I don't know why I keep wanting to see American plays while I'm here... It was poignant, though, and very descriptive of how society and the media and the wide stretch in the class system has screwed us all up, like most of his plays. Afterwards we went to Leicester Square... well, Chinatown, which is behind Leicester Square, and got Chinese food. Sometimes it's so nice just to sit in a restaurant and have a slow meal and talk for a very long time...

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