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The Abbey Road studios
Stephanie is having a sad week, so we took a day to spend in Central to distract ourselves from life drama and piles of homework. The only pictures of the day that I have are from when we went to Abbey Road. This was SUPER. It was one of the only stupid tourist things that knew I wanted to do before I got here, and hadn't gone yet because no one else wanted to go. Sad. I was pretty into the Beatles growing up, due to my hippie heritage, and my sister and I listened to Abbey Road a lot growing up. It's probably my favorite Beatles album. Anyway, the area around Abbey Road is wonderful, with lots of trees and nice looking houses, and I decided that if I were going to live in the city, I'd want to live here. It's much more neighborhood-y than anywhere else near the city. We found the street, and the studios, and I was soooo excited.
Then we had a big escapade of trying to take pictures of each other in the famous crosswalk that's on the cover of Abbey Road. We had to wait until cars weren't coming, etc, and even then we didn't have much time. It was kind of hilarious, really.

Then we tried to go to Notting Hill to figure out what the heck the fuss about that place is. We didn't really figure it out, haha. It had already started getting dark (have I complained about that yet??? I will again now. I HATE IT. I seriously see the sun start running away around 3, and by 4:15 or 4:30, it's already totally dark outside. I cannot stand it. CANNOT), and we ended up veering towards Portobello, and hanging around the vintage/"retro" shops around there.
People write all over the pillars outside the studio
I bought a skirt at this AMAZING store that I will try to write a review about in which EVERYTHING in the whole store only costs £3. AMAZING.

Apres ça, into the heart of the city for some pub food at Wetherspoon's and lots of wandering about in the cold.

In the evening we saw a play called Love Song which contained the following super famous people: Cillian Murphy, Neve Campbell, Kristen Johnston, and Michael McKean!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!! Too many famous people for my small-town brain to handle. The play was interesting. I'm still digesting it. Very.... American. So many of the plays I see here are American... American actors, American authors, etc... maybe it's going to be good for me to go back home. Anyway, I totally messed up our plan of meeting all of them because I had to go to the bathroom.
A hurried picture of Steph and I walking on Abbey Road
... stupid bladder... and so when we got outside everyone had gone home except Michael McKean, who we almost missed. I did get his autograph, though, and he even asked us if we liked the play, what we thought of it, etc., and seemed very amiable. I told him I thought it was interesting and not what I'd expected... I wanted to say more, but I wasn't really sure of what I thought of it yet... but I wished I had said more... maybe I could have gotten into this whole conversation about the play and we would be friends... apparently "gotten" is an American made-up word. That's what the old British couple told me.

After we left the New Ambassador, Stephanie wanted to go to where Bent was getting out because she wanted to see Alan Cumming, who stars in it, because she didn't get to when she saw the show last month.
So, then we got to see him, too. I was kind of awkward about this, because I didn't even see the play. Ha. I felt kind of bad getting his autograph, but at least I knew who he was and thought he was awesome in general. He was in a hurry, so I didn't even have to tell him I liked the show.

I think I'm going to hang up my hat (if not now, very soon) on celebrity stalkage after shows... it just makes me feel really awkward... like, I'm being annoying to them, and I feel really bad for all the other people who come through the stage door and probably worked hard on the show, and don't get the same attention... or any, really. And that I don't even get to really "meet" them or have a conversation with them.... I just want to get their name written down on a piece of paper because they make more money than God and everyone knows it.
Me in the road! I was so excited!!!
And that's kind of weird, to me. I mean, it's cool to see famous people because you see them all the time on tv and in movies and then all of a sudden they're standing right next to you, and that's pretty neat. However, I don't know that having a little piece of paper with their name on it, or even having a picture with them as proof that I met them, that doesn't even remind me of a time I shared with that person because it only consisted of Oh, hi, Ok, picture, The end, will enrich my life in any way. Therefore, I'm beginning to see it as a waste of energy. So, it's so long to my childhood dreams. At least for now. I will see these people when I'm doing theatre professionally soon enough anyway. I hope.

idunno011 says:
i am a HUGE fan of The Beatles... that's so awesome you got to go to Abbey Road. I've always wanted to go there, and get a picture of me and three good friends walking across the street, because that's always awesome.
Posted on: Dec 01, 2006
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The Abbey Road studios
The Abbey Road studios
People write all over the pillars …
People write all over the pillars…
A hurried picture of Steph and I w…
A hurried picture of Steph and I …
Me in the road! I was so excited!!!
Me in the road! I was so excited!!!
Me, trying to be cool like the alb…
Me, trying to be cool like the al…
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