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Klara and Carrie riding up the wet roads.

Ride - Day 3,  Rechnitz, AT to Jennersdorf, AT

78.9 kms (49 miles)

So we had the option of riding straight from Lockenhaus up and over the Gunser Gebirge range, but no one was really interested in making it about a 55 mile day with most of the first 5 or 6 miles all uphill (there would be plenty of climbing to come).  Instead we were all transported to the top and rode the long downhill into Rechnitz which was the map start of the days ride of 72.6 km.  A rough estimate of just under 4 additional miles on the way down gave the days total distance.

We started under cloudy skies this morning, and it was probably less than 15 km into the ride that it started to rain.

Roads are still wet in Heiligenkreuz (or whatever other small town we were riding through).
  Everyone stopped and broke out the rain gear just outside of Schachendorf.  At this point it was just a light shower that was more of a nuisance than anything else.  But just a short while later, while climbing the first really significant climb of the tour (about a 2.5 km uphill, but not a real steep grade) the rain started to come down hard.  Jeff, Steve, and I had pushed ahead on the climb, and at the top waited for the rest of the group to, well, regroup.  As a whole we decided to keep riding on until at least lunch and make a decision there (at this point everyone was pretty much soaked anyway, so we weren't going to get any wetter continuing to ride).

I don't really remember much about that ride up through lunch.  Needless to say with the rain the camera did not come out on the morning route.

Yep, it was really wet outside when we finished up our ride.
  We rode through several small towns (Burg, Eiserberg, Holl, Edlitz, Winten) along the main road.  At the town of Kulm we turned off onto some smaller side roads and into some more wine producing areas.  Our lunch stop was a small wine press (Maria Weiberg) about 5 km down these narrow roads.

The rain eventually subsided and then stopped altogether by the time we reached the wine press for lunch.  As we ate (this was the first lunch spread of the trip and it was absolutely amazing - see picture on the day for Zgorjne Jezersko), dry gear was retrieved in an attempt to get warm, and we decided to continue on.  After all it had stopped raining and we had come on the trip to ride and ride we would.

The first 25-30 km of the afternoon portion of the ride was interesting.

The Soggy Seven in Jennersdorf.
  It was all washboard hills from town to town.  We would climb a hill to one town, then descend the hill to the next.  Climb and descend.  Climb and descend.  I'm not sure what would have been better, more climbs and descents or avoiding the rain that picked up again after our final descent from Heiligenkreuz.

The rain came down again and it became a very steady soaking once again for the last 15 km or so of the ride.  We likely rode the quickest tempo on this section of any other portion of the trip (excluding extended downhills) as everyone was just interested in getting the ride over with.  We finally cruised into Jennersdorf a very soggy bunch for the group picture at the hotel.

Jeff attempting to dry his shoes.

Other Random Observations from Day 3

  • The tiny little gnats that were flying all around at our departure point when we got out of the van.
  • Congrats to C.C. for his longest distance ride ever completed.
  • It needs stated again, lunches were fantastic.
  • Today's ride was on a Sunday and in the small towns/villages that we travelled through, it was very quiet and everything appeared to be closed.
  • Hotel Raffel had the smallest rooms of the trip.  Unfortunately this was the day we needed the most space in an effort to dry out all our wet gear.
  • Relaxing in the sauna (and trying to get warm).  Meanwhile watching Steve explore the steam room and press the "panic button" during his investigations.  Hotel employee comes running and watching her and Steve attempting to communicate with a big language barrier was hilarious.
  • Using the hand/hair dryer in an attempt to dry shoes.
  • Enjoying a couple of glasses of wine in the bar with Jeff, Carrie, and Chris before dinner.
  • Liver ball soup...
  • The first of several meals with significant quantities of mushrooms.  I don't mind mushrooms in moderation and the meals were very good, but for me it eventually became too much.
  • A long day of riding (longest distance day of the trip) meant that as dinner ended shortly after nine a group of weary riders called it an evening.


missandrea81 says:
I hear ya. There's Liver spaetzle soup too. I like that one better. ;-)
Posted on: Jan 29, 2008
Kramerdude says:
From what I recall, it was different but not that bad. I'll try anything once.
Posted on: Jan 29, 2008
missandrea81 says:
How did you like the Liver ball soup?? hahaha
Posted on: Jan 28, 2008
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Klara and Carrie riding up the wet…
Klara and Carrie riding up the we…
Roads are still wet in Heiligenkre…
Roads are still wet in Heiligenkr…
Yep, it was really wet outside whe…
Yep, it was really wet outside wh…
The Soggy Seven in Jennersdorf.
The Soggy Seven in Jennersdorf.
Jeff attempting to dry his shoes.
Jeff attempting to dry his shoes.
Hotel Raffel in Jennersdorf.
Hotel Raffel in Jennersdorf.
Climbing a hill into town 2 hours …
Climbing a hill into town 2 hours…
Not sure which town this is lookin…
Not sure which town this is looki…
photo by: Kramerdude