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This was to be our last full day in Queenstown and we had gotten our fix of skiing out of our system and were ready for the tourist day trip out to Milford Sound.  There are numerous companies that offer day trips out to Milford Sound - some of them vary in price but they all seem to offer similar variations of the same thing - bus trip (full day) plus boat trip on Milford Sound with lunch.  Depending on the type of lunch you want is where the price point will differ.  The day trip is exactly that - it is a full day.  We went to catch the bus at 7:15am and didn't get back to Queenstown until 7:30pm that night.
  Long day - don't know how the bus drivers do it - but it was good to play tourist for a day.

Unfortunately on the day that we chose to do our tour, the weather was quite overcast - a little bit of rain - but quite dreary.  So our thoughts of capturing those beautiful pictures at Milford Sound were pretty much dashed.  Although the bus driver did say that it rains at Milford Sound something like 300 odd days out of the year, so didn't feel that unlucky after we were told that.  THere were a few photo stops along the way that we made at various waterfalls, passess etc and we did drive past a small glacier which was quite amazing to see. 

We finally reached the boat onto which we would cruise Milford Sound for a couple of hours.  Again, the weather left much to be desired - very gray and overcast.
  But not much could be done about this now.  The boat was quite packed with tourists and we settled in for our trip for the next two hours.  Whilst the view of the open water, the waterfalls and the fjord itself was quite spectacular, unfortunately the weather did have an impact on the cruise, namely because it was so cold and wet and rainy which made it a little difficult to be out on the deck enjoying the natural beauty.  But we did our best.  And we were lucky enough at one stage to view a few sea lions resting on some of the rocks.  I have seen many beautiful photos of Milford Sound, so one day I hope to be able to visit again when that beautiful weather is more common.

After the cruise, we then headed back to the village and went to the ice bar, Minus 42, down near the pier.  This was a bar that was completely made of ice and you had to wear a special coat, gloves etc and could only stay there for 30 minutes.  We paid $30 for two drinks and the half hour experience.  Bit of a novelty - lots of ice carvings inside that you can take photos of and have drinks from glasses made from ice.  Alas it was good to have a few drinks to toast our kiwi adventure!!!!!!!
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Was feeling a bit thirsty...
Was feeling a bit thirsty...
Then thought it would be easier to…
Then thought it would be easier t…
Its a little bit chilly today
It's a little bit chilly today
At Minus 42
At Minus 42
photo by: genetravelling