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Welcome to Disneyland
We had one more day to kill and decided that laying at my sister in laws pool all day got old. So we decided to head to Orlando to check out another theme park. On our last visit we had already seen "Universal" so we decided to go for something different this time.
In the back of my head I was already settled on going to "Magic Kingdom" because of the "Pirates of the caribbean" ride. My favorite movies so I just had to see that. Which turned out to be a not so smart decision on my end. Hubby was still not settled on a particular park when we arrived in Orlando, so I smartly pointed out every single billboard for the Magic Kingdom and the Pirates ride. He knew that if we were not going to go I would be very upset with him for a few hours.
Magic Kingdom hotel (I think)
hahaha. I'm so manipulative when it comes to that. Bad me!
So we told our GPS where we wanted to go and for once it didn't get us lost. :-)
We parked the car for free, don't know how that happened but they didn't take credit cards at the booth and they didn't charge us when we left either, so that was great!!
We took the boat over to Magic Kingdom because the line seemed to be shorter and it wasn't as far to walk. Lazy us.
It was a really hot day today, but there was dark clouds lingering all around us. As soon as we got to the main land we headed for Cinderella's castle which meant nothing to my hubby cause I think he's never seen a Disney cartoon in his life. lol We took a few pictures and got someone to take a picture of us together with the castle in the back.
On the boat over
One of the shows started right outside so we decided to get the f out of there.  Equipped with my map I headed straight towards the "Pirates" ride but not to obvious. We climbed the "Swiss Family Robinson's tree house" and after that I finally got my will. There was a guy impersonating  Jack Sparrow, if you don't know who that is then there is no helping you! hahaha He looked very much like Johnny Depp so that was cool. Unfortunately they didn't have a Will Turner jumping around otherwise I would have had to push some kiddies out of the way to get a picture. haha Again, bad me!!!
We got to the ride just in time, because it started pouring!!! The ride was WEAK! I did enjoy the fake Jack Sparrow's along the way but that was the only thing. I think with how much money they made with these movies (Just off me, I've seen each one at least twice at the movies) they could add some explosions or something.
I'm still smiling, not for long
haha But that's just my opinion.
When we got out we were trying to get a few square inches under some kind of roof but by the time we were successful we were already drenched. I decided I was going to get the Pirate dice game before we left but didn't want to carry it around the rest of the day. Oh yeah, and right before the Pirate's ride my camera died on me. Since it's one of those that doesn't take batteries we decided to pay the outrages price for a disposable one. We actually got two. Let me tell ya, save your money, the pictures that did come out were so horrible I hid them somewhere where I will never have to look at them again.
We were only able to get on one more ride, the one with the train that goes through the mountain, up and down and round and round.
We didn't bother using the express pass, or whatever it is called, which turned out to be stupid, but oh well. So to all of you that plan on going. Use that pass! Go to as many rides and reserve your time spot and then go look at the other stuff and come back later.
We didn't have a horrible time but it wasn't great either.
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Welcome to Disneyland
Welcome to Disneyland
Magic Kingdom hotel (I think)
Magic Kingdom hotel (I think)
On the boat over
On the boat over
Im still smiling, not for long
I'm still smiling, not for long
Cinderellas castle
Cinderella's castle
Swiss Family Robinsons tree house
Swiss Family Robinson's tree house
My only reason for coming here. PI…
My only reason for coming here. P…
Last picture before my camera crap…
Last picture before my camera cra…
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