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March 1

I arrived back at Achim and relaxed a little, working with my computer before heading back in town to catch a bus to Grimbergen and pay a short visit to Frank. I brought some things there in my suitcase that is stored at his place (I so appreciate Frank, thanks!) and took some off. We talked about the whole situation with HC and BeWelcome now... and Lieven came by, so we talked more altogether. Later he brought me to the metro station so that I could head back to Achim, I did so the long way, taking the tram and then changing again.

For those wondering, Hospitality club is a web based community built to bring people together and for hospitality exchange. So basically, you have an account and meet up people, host traveller at your place and be host at local member when travelling. You write down comments and everyone can read the comments left about someone's experience. So it's self regulation trusting.

I have been volunteering for that organisation for nearly 2 years by now, Frank was the friend who introduced me into all this helping and volunteering for them. The thing is that there is also plenty of politics involved (finance, strategic development, dealing with abuse, dealing with different bugs, programming, features and cases...) and the owner of the website had its own point of view about it. Several of the volunteers, members who gave their free times to make the website running didn't agree and decided to leave to found their own organisation: BeWelcome.org.
Frank was coordinator and is one of those who left... I stayed and help in both, even if it takes me lots of time... and if for several weeks I wasn't seen as trustworthy by HC organisation anymore because I did give my free time to 'competition' (competition is not a term that everyone use... as the whole philosophy is help people and be hospitable to people: Altruism is the key! Democratisation of travelling has been a result!)

I'm quite happy to be working on such organisation, which helps me having wonderful journey, meet great people and in return I work to make sure that others can enjoy them as well!
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photo by: Chokk